Guest Author Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in contributing to my blog

First of all I would like you to be aware that I myself work really hard everyday to post really unique content on my blog. Unique in a way that I wrote A_Z myself.

Let me talk you through the topics that you can write on

Topics that you can write on include:

  • PHP, mySQL, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript (ExtJS, jQuery), C#, Apache, Linux (Problem – Solution approach)
  • Social Networking
  • Internet software and tools
  • Mobile technologies including iOS development, Flex, Sencha Framework
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Software Design
  • General Technical
  • Cloud Computing

I strongly beleive that if I can write than anyone can write too. I am strongly in favor of people showing and sharing their thoughts using blog like mine. Just because you are reading this page shows that you have that writer within you that I am looking for. So when you post your article to me you should be using something like I, Myself, Mine because this shows that your are a passionate writer and have been in the situation that you are describing.

Acceptance Rules

  1. Write approximately 500 – 600 words or longer. This is a must. Unless you are posting a coding solution which can be as short as 200 words, other writings should be at least 500 – 600+ words. Else I may ask to add more content to it.
  2. Writing in English is a must. Because there are not many other languages that I understand.
  3. No Affiliate links are allowed in your article.
  4. No multiple links are allowed in your article.
  5. Show your personality, there should be enough proof in your hands if you are posting a review about different products. Be clear what you are writing. Include Images, Attach them with your email.
  6. Be objective
  7. Sign-up for a Gravatar account if you don’t already have one. This is important because with you bio I will show you Pic as well else it will come up as blank.
  8. Include 2-3 sentence biography of yourself when you do you first post. This will appear at the very bottom of the article along with the gravatar images. If you are active social media person then include your IDs if you would like to share.

Article Format

I prefer if you can use HTML. But a TXT, .doc file is also acceptable. All Images should be referenced by their name in the article and should be zipped before sending to me.

Benefits of writing here

Nearly 25,000+ people around the world visit this Google PR5 blog every month. Be professional in your article. Many eyes will be reading it. Readers will be able to click on your name to read more about you if you run a website. Your socials links will be seen by many. You can add link on your online resume about Guest Posts you’ve done on my Blog.

Very Important

I do many searches on Google to look out for plagarized content. Your article will have to be original and not published anywhere else, this is because Search engines do not like to fetch same content again and again.

I reserve the right to edit your article, to ensure that it falls inline with format I use to publish my article.

All images or media you post should be original and not copied from anywhere. All guest articles on this blog can not be copyrighted and thus can be picked up by anyone to publish as it is on their sites.

Once the article is published it can not be taken down unless Law required me to do that. I reserve the rights on contents that you post and I can change or edit your post without any writen or verbal communication.

I reserve the right to reject any article that you submit. I will try to leave an email reply. Generally you can resubmit if I ask you to make any changes.

When will your article be published?

Please allow atleast 7 days for me to process your article. There are heaps of things that I do. You can always use Contant Form below to contact me. I however may not publish your article quality is not right up there. You yourself will be judge of that. So just ask yourself a question before sending you article to me if You were Me what would you do with your article.

If you are still reading I believe you are ready to post me one. So go ahead

Email me when you are ready to proceed.




Happy blogging!