Google Drive vs Dropbox vs Box vs SkyDrive

So so the competition is growing in terms of Cloud storage and that is really good for the consumers looking for awesome deals.

In this post I highlight some key comparable features for Google Drive, Dropbox, Box  and SkyDrive

Ok so at time of writing here are some comparison by me

Free storage
Win Phone
Black berry
Cost for 25GB
Cost for 50GB
Google Drive 5GB Yes Yes X X Yes X Yes Yes $2.49 $4.99 (100GB)
Dropbox 2GB
Upto 18 Gb Free with referrals 
Yes Yes X Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  Only comes 50G+ $9.99
Box 5GB Yes Yes X Yes Yes X Yes Yes $9.99 $19.99
Microsoft SkyDrive 7GB Yes X Yes X Yes X Yes Yes $0.83 (27GB) $2.08 (52GB)



Now For me Dropbox is a clear leader. Why? One of the main reason behind me saying that it supports nearly everything except Windows Phone. I am sure guys are working hard on this.

Google and Skydrive on the other hand has just started and have long way to go. With big brand name and trust behind them, I guess they will soon catchup with Dropbox.

I am not considering to tell you about Apple iCound because it is so tightly integrated with iOS and is not true Drive solution.

Box amongst all is really expensive. But I guess its not for guys like myself may be IBM perhaps could be using them.

Dropbox is an excellent service and to start with they give you 2GB free but thats not it. Stay with them and refer your friends and they will give upto 18GB for FREE depending how many referrals (500MB/referral) you can give them.

Google Drive has reserved Ad display rights in Drive. Google says it reserve rights to display ads with their Drive solution. Fair enough. Nothing is for FREE after all. Best thing though is that you can increase your storage to 16TB. Wow! that’s huge.

At the moment Google drive is more of an extension to its Google Documents and by default will download anything you got in your Docs to your mapped drive. But when it download your docs it actually have Google specific extensions such as .gdoc for a document, gdraw for drawing. Now this is to enable offline editing I suppose.

Skydrive is pretty much the same but when you save something in 365 from Office, File format never changes. Fair enough because thats their default extensions anyway.

I hope that above highlight will make you brain bit more clear who to go with.

I will prefer Drobbox for widely support devices and Google Drive because for me its Fast.

You can add to this post If I got something wrong.









  1. I searched my *** off for skydrive but couldn’t find it. Apparently MS changed the name to Onedrive but didn’t inform me.

  2. Some things have changed in the 3.5 years since this post. Not only the services and prices, but also how many more people use and need these services. I think this deserves to be updated if your have time to test the current offerings.

  3. Google Drive – 1 Terrabyte = $9.99 a month enough said…

  4. I started with Dropbox and then added Google Drive because of the greater capacity but, after losing critical data to Google Drive I’ve migrated all my critical data to Dropbox. Google Drive seems unable to sync properly but, far worse than that, it seems unable to notify the user properly of what is or isn’t sync-ed. This leaves the user a with possible misconception of the state of the data which, if deleted from the local drive may be lost for good as it was actually not backed up (the original purpose of cloud storage).

  5. I just want to add one major element to your great comparison between all these cloud services.

    I also put dropbox on top as
    – it is most widely deployed and supported.
    – you can (or could) invite people to gain some space very easily

    Now in regards to Google Drive, I love the fact that we can edit a file at the same time with other users. It enable me to do meeting minute/reports or anything live with remote collaborators. and this is a huge factor of productivity to me.

  6. About SkyDrive,
    Be aware that it does NOT run in Win XP. This cam be a problem when at work they still keep the old trusted XP…

  7. sky drive is now on for droid too ..

  8. Bishisht Bhatta says

    No bro you are wrong. You only get upto 16GB in dropbox. Doesnt matter how many referrels u send out.

  9. I don’t know when this article was written (don’t see a date), but I must say that I am very impressed by the “fetch” feature of SkyDrive (rarely see this mentioned in comparison articles) and have not seen that among the others. Also, the native Microsoft software editing online within SkyDrive will come in handy.

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