FlashBuilder 4.6 for PHP released!

G’day everybody

Great News, I’ve just noticed that Flash builder 4.6 for PHP is available for download and can be downloaded from Adobe’s website.


Total size of download is more than a Gig.

If you are upgrading from FB 4.5 to 4.6 your product key should work with new build I suppose.

Make sure that you uninstall 4.5 completely before installing 4.6

It ships with Flex SDK 4.6


One challenge you may face is incompatible license with your existing Adobe installs such as master collection etc. Here is what I did to make it work

  1. Deactivated (Permanently) my Adobe MC suite 5.5
  2. Activated FB 4.6 for PHP
  3. Reactivated Adobe MC 5.5

Another thing to keep in mind when installing is to check iOS support checkbox if you are going to  develop iOS apps as shown below


Below are few things that we’ve been waiting for and are delivered in this release

  • Performance boost across all devices
  • SplitViewNavigator gives you more power the way you navigate your App.
  • SoftKeyboard types to launch say Numeric, URL, Email etc
  • SpinnerList
  • DateSpinner
  • Dynamic spash screens
  • and so many other thing that you can write a book on it 🙂 but to know what new you have to download it and try it yourself



  1. Looks like Adobe have removed version 4.6 for some reason. I am keeping an eye on this and will issue an update when I can find some relevant news

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