extjs 4.0 ajax html form submit

[sam_ad id=”23″ codes=”true”]So the question is how do we submit form using ExtJs 4.0

extjs 4.0 ajax html form submission is very simple really.

Alright I will show you how this is done below, but first up I would like to tell you that there is a good book on ExtJS which I highly recommend.

This book is on the right hand side of this post. This book covers lot of basic to pro stuff and you will find it really handy.

So now that I have told you about a really good book its time to look at the code to make an Ajax Form submission.

Check out the code below for POSTing the html form.

Its really simple but if you got any questions let me know

below is the code that exhibit the submission method GET

Read more about AJAX calls here


FYI: If you would like to send extra parameters to your receiver you can add


Hope this helps.


  1. Thanks, very useful, however I could not get the form: to work, instead I passed my data as params and that worked.

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