Error occurred while packaging the application: NotAfter FlashBuilder error

Hi Guys,

While I am still developing an update for one of the App that I did few months back, I was surprised to see that when I try to build the same app with some changes I got this error.

Now the detailed error was

I had no clue whatsoever why this was happening.

I did following but nothing worked

  1. Restarted my Flash builder
  2. Recreated my projects
  3. Restarted my machine

Nothing worked!!

Then I thought to give that error a closer look. It was talking about some date.

Flash builder does a poor job when displaying error. They are not so informative, isn’t it.

Well it turned out that my development certificate has expired. Darn!

Now I have to create a new CSR and then get a new Development certificate from Apple iOS provisioning portal (You will need your newly created CSR in iOS provisioning portal).

Once I was done with creating new certificate and installed in my Run configuration

Ta!Da! Everything worked like it was suppose to.

By the way another tip I would like to through here is that in case you lost the error messages in exile you can always view them from the logs that Flash Builder produces.

They can be found here

Flex 4.6


Probably older versions

I hope this saves you some time in working out the error.

If you have some other experience in fixing the error, please share it with readers using the comments sections







  1. Mariano Nieves says

    Hi Guys,

    I found that the same “error occurred while packaging the application” without any other comments occurs because I wasn’t adding the icons files that I defined into the app configuration xml in the section:
    The icon the system uses for the application

    I hope you’ll find this useful.


  2. Mike Hazelwood says

    Thanks for sharing this. I’m running into the same problem.

    You state that you had to “get a new Development certificate from Adobe provisioning portal”. Are you revering to Apple’s iOS provisioning portal?

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