Dreamweaver Convert Text to Table CS5


Well we all come across this sort of situation where data is in RAW form and we want that to be converted to a good HTML table.

Even though nowadays TABLES are not used widely because of many reasons but still there are occasions where It becomes sort of mandatory to use HTML Tables.

Now what I am going to show you is a technique where you can convert you TEXT file into a HTML Table using Dreamweaver.

Ok So assume that you have this text below

Dreamweaver input text file for tabular conversion

As you can see that each column is nicely separated by TAB.

You can however have any delimiter like comma, colon, semicolon etc. as long the delimiter does not appear in the data itself.

So now fire up your Dreamweaver as Goto

File> Import> Tabular data


You will see a pop up window as shown below

Dreamweaver Data Import Tabular form window

Now make sure that you choose the right delimiter in the above window. Browse to your text file and set any preference you would like for the resultant table and press OK.



This is what you get

Result formatted table


I hope this helps

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