Disable Javascript Internet Explorer 10 How to?

There are times when you want to test few things if JavaScript is disabled at clients browser. I imagine that if you are like me I generally can’t think of any online systems without Javascript. It has become such a integral part of what you develop for web.

I thought I should put this post together that can help you out.

This post will use images to explain what to do.

Lets me now show you how to disable javascript in IE10

Step 1

Goto Tools > Internet options or just click on the wheel at top right corner and click Internet Options

Step 2

Now goto security tab and click on custom level

Step 3

Search for Scripting section under settings as shown below


Check the radio button that has label “Disable” under scripting and that is what is require to disable Javascript in IE10

Why is it so difficult to find that setting. I don’t know we better ask Microsoft. What do you reckon?

This settings is pretty much same as in IE9 so there are not many changes to this. I wish Microsoft soon will introduce search for their Internet Option popup window just like you can search everything so easily in Chrome 🙂

I hope that this helps and if you have something to say then please leave your comments.




  1. I see that this post is old, but today my search found it, and it was very helpful! Thank you!

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