CPanel Apache error_log and access_log location and location for mySQL logs

Hi Guys,

So we all know that CPanel makes our life easier in many ways. Guys like me who are not Linux power users but more of intermediate level users love CPanel.

I do!

Well there is a strange overlapping when we have full root access to our VPS or Dedicated server. CPanel does help with many things and some things we like to do traditionally. For me error_log and access_log are one of those that I love to watch from my lovely shell.

Now to get to the location of your log file you can do few things. You can get your access log location from apache configuration for each domain, but let me give you pointers to where these files are located

Apache access_log files

Complete apache access log can be found here

You can use command like tail to print last few lines of access log.

Apache Domain specific access_log file

If your server handles multiple domain requests then most likely they all have their own individual access_log files

these can be located here

Once again you can use tail command to check out last few lines in domain specific log file

Apache error_log

These log are more frequently visited than the access_log ones, one reason is that all your ERRORs and Exceptions that Apache came across are logged in this file. Thus we can find a problem and issue a fix.

The location for error_log files is

While fixing a problem I generally leave this command running to get the up2date log data

mySQL Logs file

with CPanel you can get hold of .err file here

Configuration file can be located here



Apache Configuration File location

httpd.conf can be found here

You can viit like


I hope this helps









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