CommandLine Convert WMF, EPS etc to SVG using inkscape


I thought this might be a good tip to share for people who are looking to convert their vector images to SVG format.

inkscape is the right tool just for that. Get inkscape from their website for you operating system

Download it and install it.

Make sure that inkscape executable to environment path.

I am using windows but commands to convert any of the supported format to SVG is not different in any other operating system too.

Example 1

Below is command to convert an EPS file to SVG file

Above command will out test.svg file which you can view using any modern browser or SVG viewer

Example 2

Command below will convert a wmf file to svg. Please note that wmf is primarily a windows format and this command will only work in Windows.

So this is just a start you can explore more command line options available with inkscape from link provided in resources section of this article

If you have anything else to add please leave your comment. Let others benefit from what you’ve done with your work or if you know of any other tool that is capable of doing better job.

I will be writing a tool based on inkscape for batch processing files.


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