WordPress Like To Unlock Content Plugin

Hey Guys, Today I am announcing a completed plugin for your WordPress blog, Facebook Like or Google Plus One To Unlock Content Plugin. Yeah I know that you have seen a couple of jQuery plugins from me in my previous post but I tell you what, there was nothing for WordPress that I did regarding utilizing socially aware content manipulation. I really don't have to talk about it much, You'll will see it in action in a moment. First we cover a few bits and pieces on why I developed this. Why? When someone ask me this question, my usual reply is Why not? I spend most of my time building something or improving something that I did in the past. So most of my time maybe 70% goes towards building/developing stuff. It keeps me busy and keeps me going. Well that's the overall picture but here are some key points why Facebook and Google matters. SEO: Search Engines such as Bing and Google are now looking for social signals. If your post is being shared say on Facebook or Google plus then its always a plus for you Exposure. Say someone likes your post and this means that it will end up on user timeline and this user's friends will see it immediately and if your post is good, it has chance to go viral, thus giving you some more traffic juice and accolades Increase user activity: Agenda here is, if they like half of what you've posted they may want to read more, thus those clicks on your page means that user is actually engaging with your content. And there are heaps more that you can think of associated with Social Features Here is a list of things that you could control from the administration page Facebook Like button attributes Google plus button attributes Call to action message Type of content obfuscation you would like to use such as hiding, blurring, dimming etc You can disable the Search engine friendly Even hides videos (when using blur option, colors are dropped for videos) Remembers Likes or +1's by IP address, so returning … [Read more...]

WordPress Youtube Channel Embed Plugin – A Pro Edition

Hello, You must have been using the Free edition of this plugin and wanted to upgrade to PRO version, that's what brought you here on this page. PRO version's biggest advantage is personal email support and guaranteed 48-72 hours reply. You get free support for 6 months and free upgrade for 12 months. Plugin name I named this plugin as jcwp youtube channel embed pro, Lets check what this plugin has to offer. Screenshots A screen shot of the Options page   Thumbnails mode Much sharper and clean thumbnails with hover effect.   Lightboxed video when  thumbnail is clicked You have all control on specifying the borders, border colors, overlay color etc. Above is just an example. The real result depends on how you want to make it look. List mode     There are many other options you can control how your videos are displayed. I've intentionally taken out autoplay settings because I think that do not add anything to the usability of the plugin. Options Channel mode This tells the plugin how to render the videos. Thumbnail mode will display static images for your videos and when user clicks on it video lightbox will be shown List|Thumbnails Channel name : This will be the channel name which you wish to include Maximum results Number of videos to display [not supported anymore] Start Index  Pointer from where the videos should be shown. Handy, if you want to show videos from a given position Filter by keyword Look for keyword in the video title and filter the resultsImportant: This has been replaced by filter by Videos Thumbnail width For thumbnail mode Video width Target width of the video Show video title Would you like to include video titles as captions Embed using Either use IFrame  or old object Object embeds. I recommend you to use IFrame Sort by How do you want your videos to be sorted autoPlay: set videos to auto play when in thumbnail mode. Video will auto play once … [Read more...]

WP Errata plugin

Hello, Sometimes you may want to ask yourself that what if you are able to allow your users are able to send you error corrections from within your post. We have been using comments but sometimes comments are not a great way to pin point where the real problem. With so much room for improvement I am offering this one of its kind plugin that you can use to make parts of your post up for corrections and make them available to your blog readers. It will increase their interaction with your blog post and they will feel better about their contributions. Put it this way, the paragraph below is something that you can temporarily modify and send me your corrected version.   Well I don't want to brag about anything but one thing is sure that I am an Idiot and do so mani radm thingies.   So when you hover on the above element you will get an indication that you are able to interact with the above line and send me a better version of above. An email will be sent to me immediately notifying me with the following URL of the post Old content New modified content If I like the new corrected content then I can just search for old content within the post and replace old content with new one with any required modifications if required. And you are able to thank user about their input. Screenshots The options page is shown below for the plugin   Here is a screenshot for actual usage within the post Recommendation and usage If you want to make part of your post to accept corrections then your content should be directly under container with css class jcedit e.g. I am correctable  Please note that at this point custom styles within the container are not preserved so once user cancels or send a correction any associated styles will be lost for the correctable containers. In other words something like this is not recommended [crayon-666a713901f37152235192/]   Compatibility This plugin should work … [Read more...]

WordPress left right key navigation plugin

Hello, I think I get carried away with few things. While I was working on detecting Arrow keys I wrote a simple jQuery plugin for Page navigation. It could be useful perhaps. More needed to be done like preserving state and ajaxifying it. While still on this note I wrote a Wordpress plugin putting my jQuery plugin to its core. Wordpress plugin is called "jcwp left right key navigation" Here are couple of screenshots as shown below   ScreenShot 1 Screenshot 2   So the Idea of this plugin is that when someone press right arrow key one then a title of next post is picked and shown automatically and when a user press the right arrow key again (twice in a row) then user is taken to a next post. Same applies to the left key pressing. When left arrow key is pressed once then the previous post title is shown to the user and when left arrow key is pressed twice in a row then user is taken to the previous post. To hide the preview press any other key or ESC key. Features Disable the plugin function without uninstalling it. You can put your own text for Next and Previous labels. You can specify if the next and previous post should be picked from same category. You can pick up a theme. RIght now only theme that is supported is "grey"   Where to get it from As you know that because of lack of donations and very heavy bandwidth to some of my stuff I have stopped hosting plugin files on my blog, the other reason was that it was maintenance nightmare when I issue an update to my plugins instead I host them permanently with wordpress now and you can get it from wordpress from the url below http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/jcwp-left-right-key-navigation Or simple search for "jcwp" Installation 1. Upload unzipped plugin directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory 2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress 3. Use the Plugin Options on left menu under Settings > JCWP Left … [Read more...]

wordpress youtube channel embed plugin

Hello, A couple of week back I wrote a jQuery plugin to embed custom youtube channel on your webpage. I thought it would be good to do a wordpress plugin too to the same. Thus I began this plugin. Now because I've already done few wordpress plugins thus development of this one was a breeze because I already have the jQuery plugin code that I developed and I already have the functions that I wish to use. Purchase Pro version of this plugin today at a very special price! just $14.99  Version 3.0 is out now. ChangeLog: Seamless channel or playlist embed to any Wordpress post with Youtube API v3 6 Months Free email support with Single Site License 1 Year Free email support with Unlimited Site License And much more View PRO Details and Purchase   Plugin name I named this plugin as jcwp youtube channel embed , I thought its a good name :) I am still obsessed putting jc somehow in the plugin name Lets check what the options screen looks like Screenshots A screen shot of the Options page thumbnails mode   Lightboxed video when  thumbnail is clicked   List mode     There are many other options you can control how your videos are displayed. I've intentionally taken out autoplay settings because I think that do not add anything to the usability of the plugin. Options Channel mode This tells the plugin how to render the videos. Thumbnail mode will display static images for your videos and when user clicks on it video lightbox will be shown List|Thumbnails Channel name : This will be the channel name which you wish to include Maximum results Number of videos to display Start Index  Pointer from where the videos should be shown. Handy, if you want to show videos from a given position Filter by keyword Look for keyword in the video title and filter the results Thumbnail width For thumbnail mode Video width Target width of the video Show video title Would you like to … [Read more...]

wordpress simple table of contents plugin

Hi Guys, Well I thought this could be a good addition to my Blog if I end up offering Table Of Contents for visitors to browse an article more efficiently. That's when I decided to go ahead with this plugin. This  plugin is called "JCWP Simple table of contents" What does this plugin do? Well it created a table on contents for your post completely on client side without putting any extra pressure on load times of your article. Here are some screens that will tell you what this plugin does Let me explain a bit what above settings means Enabled:  You can enable or disable this plugin without actually deactivating the plugin. When you disable this plugin that means Table of contents will not appear at all. Article parent Tag: You will seldom need to change this because its standard all across the WordPress Blog. However if your article is wrapped in some other class other than .entry-content then you will need to mention it here. Scroll speed: You can control scroll speed when user is browsing from header A to header B Text length per Item: Sometimes out header text is way to long. You can limit the number of characters displayed in the Table of contents by setting this value Fancy Scroll: This plugin can make use of jScrollPane, you can beautify your TOC scroll by setting this value. A scroll will appear when height of your TOC exceeds the Table default height that you set. Auto minimize: Yes if you don't want TOC always visible to the user. User hovers on TOC triggers show/hide of TOC Default height: I would recommend that it should be atleast 300px but you can set it to whatever you like. Table title: Default is "Table of contents" I recommend that you shouldn't set it more than 30 character in length. Easing animation: Just in case you want something other than linear animation when scroll happens. Position: Position your TOC to wherever you like it. Powered by: Well this is my 5th WP plugin and your support matters to … [Read more...]

WordPress copy paste protection blocker plugin

Hi Guys, When I wrote my previous post about disabling the copy paste with jQuery, I thought may be its going to be a good idea to just build a plugin for Wordpress too. So I just did that and its available from wordpress Its called jcwp copy paste blocker http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/jcwp-copy-paste-blocker/ Screenshots Above screenshot shows the options that can be configured Below is a screenshot that shows it in use. Most of the stuff is silently done, it just when you enable Alert this happens   Options Disable content selection: When this is enabled then visitors on your website will no longer able to select any text as long as javascript is enabled and they don't use other means to copy content CSS disable text selection Styles below are added to the document to disable text selection. [geshi lang="css" nums="1" target="_self" ] [crayon-666a71390243f617314595/] [crayon-666a713902444459856558/] Keyboard events You can  disable keyboard events such as ctrl+save and ctrl+select all Disable right mouse click You can disable context menu as well Protection level You can choose if you would like to protect the pages, posts, homepage or everything Alert  Just as you  see in the screenshot above Alert message Custom alert message Powered by link Enable it to show your support Installation Upload unzipped plugin directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress Use the Plugin Options on left menu under Settings > JCWP copy paste blocker. Works on Plugin has been tested on wordpress version 3.4.1 but it should work on wordpress version 2.8 onwards without any problems Browser support Plugin has been tested on IE8+ Firefox Chrome Safari Opera has not been tested on so I am not sure if that matters given the market share. Wanna support me? No one cares, but its worth asking. Bug Report Use comments to … [Read more...]

wordpress CAPS lock detection plugin for login password fields

Hi Guys, So a few  days back I wrote a jQuery plugin to detect CAPS lock. I thought may be it won't be used as much as I first thought. Everyone have their own set of requirements. I then wrote this Wordpress plugin to justify jQuery plugin :) I thought may be this could be helpful. Lets start with couple of screenshots Settings Lets take a look on what results it will produce   This plugin gives you an options to make all password fields on your blog to show a tooltip message if user keyboard's CAPS lock is on. You can enable or disable this plugin just by setting 'Enabled' under Settings > JCWP Capslock detection > Enabled to "No" Options Enabled  Value: yes or no, defines if you want plugin to be in action or not without actually deactivating from the Wordpress Plugins screen Tooltip message This message will appear when user is trying to enter their password while they have their  CAPS on Tooltip is HTML Thanks to tipsy that we can have this. So a tooltip message can be wrtten as 'Warning: CAPS on' with the single quotes Tooltip position You can display tooltip in either top|left|right|bottom positions Use fade effect: Put it as yes if you want to use fade animation Offset: is the distance value from the password field. I'll put maximum distance to 10px. Opacity: is tooltip opacity Link to author website: Just if you would like to support me and my work. Check that checkbox. I'll appreciated that. jQuery plugin Demo that is being used in this plugin . Demo is available from my site demo pill. http://jaspreetchahal.org/examples/jccapsalert/ Download [wpdm_file id=36] Changelog v1.0 Internally used v1.09 Submitted to wordpress Settings page added Advertisement   Donations   Installation Go to Plugins > Add New. Under Search, type in "jcwp caps lock detection". Wordpress will show a popup window will ask you to confirm your wish to install my … [Read more...]

wordpress scroll to top plugin

Hi guys, As you may be aware that I released Scroll to top plugin for jQuery in the past. Now it was time to take that to another level. I found well may be second level of that would be wordpress. So I came up with one. The plugin is free and just in case you found yourself to be generous enough you should be able to think a little bit and consider donations. Why? because it take real money to host files and make them available for download. But that not the reason. Then reason it that I put lot of effort to come up with solutions that could help someone and most of them free of cost. hmm... hopefully I am making some sense :) Ok lets start with couple of screenshots that will tell the story about what this plugin does. Demo Scroll a bit and you will see the STT layer pop up in the centre of browser window with red background. Try to click on that and see if it takes you to the top of the page or not. Screenshots Settings     View on Page   Alright now you know exactly what this does right. So consider donations before you download :) :) kidding.. Donations Alright now that we are over the donation part let me explain what each of the settings means. Settings Active you can choose value of this settings as yes or no when you choose no then "Scroll to top" layer will not appear at all when user scrolls down. Duration The time it will take to scroll up. I recomment 1000 milli seconds. The longer this value is more frustrating it becomes. Scroll Activate At This setting tells the plugin at what depth you would like to show "Scroll to top" layer Scroll Container ID Just give a unique ID to STT text container Easing Type Select what easing animation type you would like to run Position The layer is fixed at bottom but you have flexibility to show it either at bottom-left or bottom-center or bottom-right Scroll Text If you don't like "Scroll to top" then choose whatever … [Read more...]

JC WordPress bot detector plugin pro

Hi Guys, I am excited to announce PRO version of my JC Wordpress bot detector plugin. With lite version download many times I am very positive that this option will add extra crisp to what you are already getting. Lets first check what feature are available in PRO. Feature Set Feature Pro version Notification Emails i18n support (You can translate it in your own language)  (pot, po and .mo provided) Live view (Check which bot is currently on your website)  Delete Bots (If you want to get rid of any bot) Add New Bot Activate/Deactivate bots Support via contact me History Report and Graphs Number of Bots included 50+ Donation Link Now is the time for quick tutorial. Pardon my English as I am still learning and adding new vocabulary every day. :)   Pricing Pro $19.99 Purchase Now * On Sale (Limited Time) 1 Site Support Via Contact Me Includes all features Unlimited bots Unlimited $40 Purchase now * On Sale (Limited Time) Unlimited Sites Owned by You Support Via Contact Me Includes all features Unlimited bots Unlimited subdomains Developer $60 Purchase now Unlimited domains and sub-domains Unlimited Client websites Support Via Contact Me Includes all features Unlimited bots * includes 1 Full year worth updates Video httpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SxrjQGzuiPQ   Data Transmission When you install this plugin and activate or deactivate it. My website is notified. No personal details are sent  to the server other than your website address, product type and version number. If you are a programmer you can check it yourself. But please don't remove that code because that's the way I can send notification for product updates. Installation Really simple. Go to Plugins > Add New. Click Upload link. Upload the downloaded JC Bot detector ZIP file Click Install Now to install the … [Read more...]