JC WordPress bot detector plugin pro

Hi Guys, I am excited to announce PRO version of my JC Wordpress bot detector plugin. With lite version download many times I am very positive that this option will add extra crisp to what you are already getting. Lets first check what feature are available in PRO. Feature Set Feature Pro version Notification Emails i18n support (You can translate it in your own language)  (pot, po and .mo provided) Live view (Check which bot is currently on your website)  Delete Bots (If you want to get rid of any bot) Add New Bot Activate/Deactivate bots Support via contact me History Report and Graphs Number of Bots included 50+ Donation Link Now is the time for quick tutorial. Pardon my English as I am still learning and adding new vocabulary every day. :)   Pricing Pro $19.99 Purchase Now * On Sale (Limited Time) 1 Site Support Via Contact Me Includes all features Unlimited bots Unlimited $40 Purchase now * On Sale (Limited Time) Unlimited Sites Owned by You Support Via Contact Me Includes all features Unlimited bots Unlimited subdomains Developer $60 Purchase now Unlimited domains and sub-domains Unlimited Client websites Support Via Contact Me Includes all features Unlimited bots * includes 1 Full year worth updates Video httpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SxrjQGzuiPQ   Data Transmission When you install this plugin and activate or deactivate it. My website is notified. No personal details are sent  to the server other than your website address, product type and version number. If you are a programmer you can check it yourself. But please don't remove that code because that's the way I can send notification for product updates. Installation Really simple. Go to Plugins > Add New. Click Upload link. Upload the downloaded JC Bot detector ZIP file Click Install Now to install the … [Read more...]

WordPress bot detection plugin lite

Hi Guys, Update Pro version is now available It is my utmost pleasure to be working on another plugin that is now on offer. The plugin is called jaspreetchahal's wordpress bot detector lite, This is FREE version so enjoy.  I think I am too obsessed by my name that It is sort of becoming a norm to include it in whatever I do :) May be I have to get rid of this habit. Ok so let me explain what this plugin does. This plugin will detect if any of the following bot visited on any of your posts or page Ads Bot Google Alexa Alta Vista Google bot Yahoo Seeker You can always go Pro that will have support for over 50+ bots, spiders and crawlers out of the box. To start with here is a screenhot of the settings page  Email Screenshot Ok let me explain what above fields are for Notification Email: This is your email address where you would like to receive notification on which pages has been crawled by a given bot during the interval set by you Email Interval: This is the interval that you set between Emails. So say an email has been sent at 1 PM and your email interval is set to 2 hours, thus the next email will be sent at 3 PM with results taken from those 2 hours. Keep history for: This is detectors results store limit. So you are saying, don't keep history for more than 30 days. This is recommended because based on the number of webpages on your site this table size can get out of control if higher limit is set. Email format: Both HTML and Text client are supported.   So now we got an Idea what this plugin is capable of. Data transmission When you activate or deactivate the plugin, this website will be notified for, No information other than your website address and plugin meta data is sent across. Please let me know if you are not comfortable with it so that I can direct you what to do. Getting Help Use comments to get help if you don't understand any part of this … [Read more...]

Australian Street Names, Suburb, State Database with Longitude and Latitude GEO Data

Latest release: v2.1 on 26th Jan 2015 Hi Guys, For one of my projects I needed this data to offer and auto suggestion box for my Users so that they can select their Street Name, Suburb and State in one Hit while they type. So I researched around and did not find any thing that suits me. The address correction software provided by Australian post was way too expensive for me. So then I found many Open source from where I can get pieces of data. Finally I was able to join that data to make it meaningful. Now this database stands at over 231,000+ unique records and has been validated manually with well known mapping solutions to see if database rows are valid. I chose to have few different variations for this database, and all variations are explained below. They are all priced accordingly. First lets take a look at the Entity Relationship Diagram (indication only, You can structure it as you like)   There is nothing much to explain in the above ER but I will try to explain a bit. As you can see the we have Country table with all Countries in it but because this database only deals with Australian Street thus I introduced a column called active which have two possible values 'Yes' and 'No', You guessed it right, with this database even though I am providing list of all countries Only Australia is Active So Country has 1-Many relation with States and this Tables lists all Australian states e.g. Victoria, NSW, SA etc. In Other words Australia has many states and this is the relationship I am highlighting. As you see in diagram above that State has 1->Many relationship with Cities in other words Suburbs. Same relationship applies when to try to relate Suburbs with Street Names. i.e. A Suburb can have many states thus 1->Many Relationship. A current version auto suggestion example is available from here  The data in this demo is a few months old and carry many invalid records. I've re-verified the current version which will be … [Read more...]

Australian Suburbs Database with longitude and latitude GEO data

As a part of my research I end up creating some really useful databases. I wanted to give them for FREE for a start but then I thought how am I going to recover my server cost which runs in few 100 $s every year. I then decided to sell them instead. Before I continue, I would like to tell you that these releases are officially available under License from PediaSoft I.T. The company that I formed. I am distributing it from this website because I've assigned that right to myself :) Product is called iSuburbLocator Below is the diagram illustrating relationship between Suburb State and Country tables   So as you see in the above picture that its really nice relationship that you got here. Let me address few frequently asked questions   Q. Alright it sounds good but how can I trust this data. A. You don't have to buy it until you've tested it. An online demo is available from here so that you can try this database. Q. I've realized that I bought this database in error. What now? A. We do not offer refunds. Q. When are the updates issued? A. Every 6-12 months if there are any. Online Demo For online demo for this data set please click on the link below Click here to load demo (opens in new window) Where can I buy this data base If you are happy with what you saw then visit my shop to buy this dataset. This database is officially released by PediaSoft I.T. the company that I formed. I am selling this database from this site however the data is Licensed by Pediasoft I.T. To read the License please visit the URL given below What am i going to get MySQL queries to create and insert database records. CSV Files (If you wish to fill data from the CSV) Database with 3 tables. One for Australian States and second for State's suburbs and third for Country (Active country: Australia only). Only covers Australian PostCode data Shop now … [Read more...]

Data Demos

Please check my shop if you like any data set you wish to buy. Please try our databases and If you like any go a buy it. Absolutely NO REFUND will be issued if you end up buying a database by mistake :). Purpose of this demo page is for you to try my data sets. If you have any questions please let me know. Use contact page to contact me.   … [Read more...]

Examples jcmin – A command line JS and CSS minimizer built on top of Google closure and YUI Compressor

G'day Fellas, So today I am going to show you how to use jcmin A util that I wrote for myself. Lets consider what problems I faced before I decided to write this. Most of the things you can do yourself if you are sticking with either of Google Closure or YUI compressor. I wrote this util so that I can switch between these beautiful compilers without any brain work. Both these compilers have their own positives and negatives. But if you operate these compilers at basic levels then there is not much difference between the two, and jcmin operate at that level. The problems that I faced are listed below What if I have a directory which is full of JS files and then subdirectories with more JS files. How do I minimize all those at once. How do I minimize JS and CSS under a Directory with one command. What If java is not available? off course I could have used online compressor but compressing 10s of files one by one is such a pain, and manageability becomes nightmare at least the way my project is setup. You could be smarter and use other tools and so on... Soluton: jcmin I know that you may not agree using a wrapper but Its Ok. I am sharing what I've got so bad reviews or no acceptance doesn't bother me. My motto is "Anything for a better world" It could be a crap solution but it works for me :)  Advertisement   Lets explore this util with Problem solution scenarios Problem 1: Minimizing javascript and CSS files under a directory and its subdirectories and create equivalent directory structure with minimized JS and CSS files Below is the directory structure I will be working on File sizes are shown below   As you see that my CSS folder has few CSS files and Demo directory has few javascript files and total size of all files is little more than 92KB Now lets do a jcmin magic I run the following command from my windows command prompt So the process what successful but what does resulting … [Read more...]

jcmin – A Javascript and CSS minimizer using Google Closure and YUI Compressor

Hi Guys, I am working on relatively medium to enterprise size project where we have 70+ javascript and 20+ css files plus libraries we use. I had this problem where I just want to minimize all files at once or individually using YUI compressor and Google Closure. I couldn't find anything that utilizes both and do compression without making API calls. Thus I end up developing jcmin for myself which mean Jaspreet Chahal's a Monster :) Just kidding. It actually means Javascript CSS  Minimizer I didn't do anything fancy I thought this util can help someone who want simple command line rather than remembering all the little things provided by individual compilers. jcmin is in Beta. Not the actual compilers (Closure and YUI Compressor) but jcmin.  Important: jcmin is not a compiler itself. You can say jcmin is a wrapper to YUI compressor and Google Closure and it only does basic stuff. I can add more Advance things  if you like this util and want more control. As I said I developed this util for myself and I am kinda sharing it. If you end up finding it useful then consider donating or atleast a backlink to this page will much appreciated.   Pre-requisites .NET Framework >= 2.0 Recommended: java.exe in System environment path. Advantages of using this util Gives you option to choose between Google Closure and YUI Compressor You can minimize files under your directories You can even re curse through your directory and minimize files inside subdirectories. This util will form an equivalent structure at target directory. No need to goto separate compilers for Javascript and CSS this util do it both by firing appropriate compiler for a given file type. See Errors thrown by respective compiler. Comes with IKVM so if you dont have java installed compilers still work (I recommend to install it and put java.exe in Environment Path) You can skip any number of file by their name or even part of their name. … [Read more...]

Documentation: rscfpush.exe A Rackspace Cloud Files uploader for Lite Files

G'day Fellas So its been few days since I release this Util. So that I don't forget how to use it I better write down how it works and what to expect :). NOT MAINTAINED AS OF JAN 2013. MAY STILL THOUGH. Lets start by checking out how to use this Utility. [crayon-6649805e69074016672779/] Download the util from http://jaspreetchahal.org/rscfpush-exe-a-rackspace-cloud-files-command-line-uploader/ Test cases I have tested this util for uploading files that were not greater than few MBs. If you are uploading files that are many 100s of Megs or Gigs then I am not sure whether this will work for you or not. But it is worth trying and then let me know the results. Scenario 1 Lets upload a file to your RS Cloud Files Container. I am assuming that a container with name "test" exists and you have your CF username and your API key with you. Lets explore. The command [crayon-6649805e69078067485221/] When you hit enter the Util test validity of you credentials and check if container exists and then starts to upload test.txt file to your conainter test. This was simple. Scenario 2 Lets upload a file to your RS Cloud Files Container. I am assuming that a container with name "test" may or may not exists and you have your CF username and your API key with you. If you are ever unsure if the target container exists or not then it is always a good idea to include -ccine in your command The command [crayon-6649805e69079376336785/] When you hit enter the Util test validity of you credentials and check if container exists and then starts to upload test.txt file to your conainter test. Only change in above command is that we included -ccine switch which means that create container test if it does not exists. This was simple. Scenario 3 Lets upload a folder to your RS Cloud Files Container. I am assuming that a container with name "test" may or may not exists and you have your CF username and your API key with you. The … [Read more...]

jcTree: A c# tool to create jQuery (javascript) enabled Folder or Directory Tree and output to HTML file

Ok so first thing first Big thanks to Ivan for creating such an awesome jQuery plugin called jsTree. If you are looking for jsTree you should visit (http://www.jstree.com/) jcTree jcTree is a c# program that utilizes jsTree to create Tree from a given directory structure and output it to a HTML file. This tool is in initial stages and do the basic stuff. You can create folder and directory tree with one command. There can be many use cases why you would want to do it. Your use is the one that brought you on this page. Current Version jcTree is at version 1.0 Feedback Your feedback is important to me so please contact me If you would like add a feature or two to this util. I will be working in my free time to improve on this Util to take out the best from jsTree. Features Creates Tree with many themes supplied by jsTree You can specify what file types should be included in resultant tree file. Outputs HTML You can specify your own output folder and file name. Usage Given that jcTree is in your Environment path you can use it as [crayon-6649805e6925a751149205/] Pre-requisites .NET Framework >= 3.5 Support me with little donations  -- Download [wpdm_file id=16] Documentation http://jaspreetchahal.org/jctree-documentation/  License Jaspreet Chahal is not responsible for any damage caused directly or inderectly and can not be held liable for anything. You understand that you are Using this util at you own Risk. Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal in the Software without restriction of use, and to permit persons to whom the Software is furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions: - Backlink to http://jaspreetchahal.org if you got a website will be much appreciated - You can not distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of this Software and can not merge it with other … [Read more...]

jctree documentation

jcTree Documentation In this post I will show you how to use jcTree.exe to create a Javascript enabled tree from your command line. First up lets check out the command help as shown below [geshi lang="csharp" nums="1" target="_self" ] [crayon-6649805e693ef932754350/] Download this Utility from this URL http://jaspreetchahal.org/jctree-a-c-tool-to-create-jquery-javascript-enabled-folder-or-directory-tree-and-output-to-html-file/ I am not going to explain what each switch does but I am going to narrate couple of use cases Create a tree from Directory structure and save it to index.html under a given target folder Create a tree from Directory structure and save it to index.html under a given target folder with TXT files only and apply classic jsTree theme to it with verbose mode. Test Directory Structure C:\cutils\JCRSBackup.exe C:\cutils\License.txt C:\cutils\print.txt C:\cutils\Readme.txt C:\cutils\RackSpaceWindowsClient C:\cutils\RackSpaceWindowsClient\License.txt Scenario 1 Assuming the above directory structure exists lets create a tree for above directory structure and store it in c:\demo folder. One good thing about this Util is that if the target folder does not exist it will create it automatically The command [crayon-6649805e693f2312390130/] [crayon-6649805e693f4213009853/] When you run the above command "demo" folder will be created with index.html inside it. Notice that jsTree will also be copied to the destination folder. This is a requirement. Without it your tree will only be a unordered HTML list. Lets check out the browser output So we get nice tree and each node is a link to the file itself. From here on you can do whatever you like with your newly created file. Scenario 2 Assuming the directory structure is the same as in Scenario 1 use the command below The command [crayon-6649805e693f5608877723/] [crayon-6649805e693f6412924808/] When you run the above command "demo" folder will … [Read more...]