Online webpage to image conversion with includes API

Hi Guys, I thought I would inform that there is a new tool available for taking screenshots of webpages called Talking about features there are many Unlimited renders/month High quality renders Custom window and shot size 30 days caching for web shots Delivery over SSL Webpages are rendered to either PNG or JPEG Enforce a new web shot to override cache Up to 10 referring websites per account Free Email support Custom user agent or accept language headers Reliable Flexible Cancel anytime First 7 days free Over 3000+ fonts supported This makes it quite appealing, so if you don't want to host your own screenshoter then this tool will help you out to get started. With Free support and anytime cancellation of your subscription it can't get any better. Renders are delivered over SSLto make it even more appealing. Render time varies as renders cannot happen until full page is downloaded. Try it out I bet you will like it. Regards     … [Read more...] – A Free reminder service using twitter’s direct message

Hi Guys, Well, based on some of the thing I have lately been worried about, one amongst those iss forgetting some of the key dates such as my wedding anniversary I decided to do something about it. I wrote a fun online tool called The sole purpose of this site is Reminders sent using Twitter's Direct messages system. What that means is that on a given time you will get a Message directly in your twitter Inbox Now this is good because based on your preference if someone sends you a direct message it will sort of delivered to you twitter phone app as a Message more in form of SMS. I hope I am making sense here. Bottom line is that you will be alerted on web, on your phone, on your tablet at the same time Features Here are some key features for this web application Set Reminders in your own TimeZone  Seems weird but trust me that if I talk GMT or UTC very less people will be able to One, understand it. Two, have to make complex calculation in their brain to get the time right just in case they do understand GMT and stuff  Remind not only yourself but send a Direct Message to your friend too  Yes I Know that they can take care of their own reminders but sometimes its good if you can send a Message to their inbox when - It's their Birthday - It's their wedding anniversary - or Just remind them if they've got an exam on that date - and stuff like that Check your upcoming and sent reminder  You have full control on your Reminders. What I mean to say is that you are able to Create and Delete your reminders, Just in case you want to delete your delivered ones, you are able to do that too. Unlike others, I don't really care of data being removed from my server. Your privacy and what you write is kept private "All the freakin time" Its as simple as that Mobile and Tablet friendly  This is important because we all use phones and/or tablets nowadays and making your web application not … [Read more...]

WordPress Like To Unlock Content Plugin

Hey Guys, Today I am announcing a completed plugin for your WordPress blog, Facebook Like or Google Plus One To Unlock Content Plugin. Yeah I know that you have seen a couple of jQuery plugins from me in my previous post but I tell you what, there was nothing for WordPress that I did regarding utilizing socially aware content manipulation. I really don't have to talk about it much, You'll will see it in action in a moment. First we cover a few bits and pieces on why I developed this. Why? When someone ask me this question, my usual reply is Why not? I spend most of my time building something or improving something that I did in the past. So most of my time maybe 70% goes towards building/developing stuff. It keeps me busy and keeps me going. Well that's the overall picture but here are some key points why Facebook and Google matters. SEO: Search Engines such as Bing and Google are now looking for social signals. If your post is being shared say on Facebook or Google plus then its always a plus for you Exposure. Say someone likes your post and this means that it will end up on user timeline and this user's friends will see it immediately and if your post is good, it has chance to go viral, thus giving you some more traffic juice and accolades Increase user activity: Agenda here is, if they like half of what you've posted they may want to read more, thus those clicks on your page means that user is actually engaging with your content. And there are heaps more that you can think of associated with Social Features Here is a list of things that you could control from the administration page Facebook Like button attributes Google plus button attributes Call to action message Type of content obfuscation you would like to use such as hiding, blurring, dimming etc You can disable the Search engine friendly Even hides videos (when using blur option, colors are dropped for videos) Remembers Likes or +1's by IP address, so returning … [Read more...]

jQuery Plugin to Generate Google plus one +1 buttons

Hi Guys, For a new project of mine there were couple of requirements which gave birth to a couple of useful jQuery code snippets or in other words plugins. One of them is called jcPlusBtn.js This is a little jQuery code that you can use as a plugin that will page Google Plus button on any HTML element, callbacks are supported. Lets get started The jQuery Code [crayon-666a74bbb33d6048334733/]   The Markup What we need is pretty much a DIV or any other container element to place our Google Plus button. [crayon-666a74bbb33dc686580706/]   Options [crayon-666a74bbb33de838730467/]   Usage This plugins is  rather easy to use and an example of this is shown below [crayon-666a74bbb33df942217440/]   Its that simple actually. Demo Nothing is complete without a demo. See this plugin in action here Donate If you like this Plugin, please consider donating You can choose your own amount. Developing this plugin like these toke a lot of effort and time; days and weeks of continuous voluntary unpaid work. If you like this plugin or if you are using it for commercial websites, please consider a donation to the author to help support future updates and development.         Main uses of Donations Web Hosting Fees Cable Internet Fees Time/Value Reimbursement Motivation for Continuous Improvements   License This plugin is available under MIT license You can read it here Download Code is hosted on Google Code and you can find it here There were couple of more things that I would have liked to do with the callbacks, but I have left it to you to handle the callback properly. I hope that this helps, Don't forget to donate if it does :) Cheers,   … [Read more...]

jcautosave – A simple jQuery plugin to autosave data on ContentEditable Containers or Form fields

Hi Guys, Well for a project sometime back I have to do a plugin which I never end up sharing. So I thought why not bring back the old stuff back to life. Here is that plugin which I named as jcautosave The code is available on GIT and is available for FREE under GPL license Lets check on some key details   Example Markup [crayon-666a74bbb3b00982370945/] Now lets check on how we can make use of this plugin. Example Usage [crayon-666a74bbb3b05855376086/] Options You can pass any of these options to the .jcautosave() function: Option Type Default Description sendAutoSaveOn enum event event || intervalbased on this setting you must also supply a value for event || interval property, In case the value is set to interval A post if made every interval milliseconds else it is fired on an event. url string null Url use to post ajax data. You can also use data-url in the input/div tag itself to sepecify the target URL. event string change See jQuery.bind for options interval int 5000 This specify the interval just in case selected auto save mechanism is interval success function function(data,$jqueryEl){} Once Ajax call is successfully completed error function function(error,$jqueryEl){} Callback function in case there is an error before function function(data,$jqueryEl){} Callback function on "beforeSend" after function function(data,$jqueryEl){} Callback function to cleanup anything and is triggered after success/error sendUpdatesWhenDataChangeIsDetected bool true This settings tries to check if there is any data change only then send the ajax post else any of ajax related logic will not fire Demo A demo has been made available from here Dependencies jQuery 1.5+ Works with Tested on all major browsers' latest releases   Donations If you like this … [Read more...]

jQueryBar – A jQuery Notification bar plugin

Hi Guys, Working on a project I wanted to have a notification bar that is flexible enough to me to include my Youtube Video Any number of messages My social links Allow user to show hide it Auto adjust margins where applicable and many other requirements So I begun developing jQueryBar Here is a quick video on what could be achieved rather than writing it down I just created a video [ltu] Video httpvh:// Demos and all are hosted on my website so you can go check them out. I am pretty hopeful to add more in future. But here are some settings that are possible. jQuerybar settings Here are settings that you can make use of with jQueryBar. Setting Explanation notificationAreaHeight Height of your Notification Bar. Minimum 40 recommended. enforced 40 if below 40. This will auto adjust if you try to include a Youtube Video notificationAreaCollapsedHeight Minimum height of collapsed notification bar. notificationAreaCollapsedBarBackground Backgournd color of collapsed notification bar notificationAreaPadding Padding for notification bar element. Careful with super high values notificationAreaBackground Backgroud color for your notification bar notificationAreaBorderSize Border size of your notification bar, Left and Right border size will always be ZERO notificationAreaBorderColor Notification area border color notificationAreaBorderRadius:8, I am not sure if you will end up using this but this setting defined border radius and will only be applied to either top-right, top-left or bottom-left, bottom-right corners notificationAreaPosition default value is fixed-top Other values fixed-topkeep notification bar always visible at the top document-topSrolls out of view with user scroll fixed-bottomkeep notification bar always visible at the bottom notificationAreaShadow Displays a shadow under the … [Read more...]

Build a JavaScript Compressor tool using NodeJS, ExpressJS, Jade, UglifyJS tutorial

Document version number: initial post As the title states its a beginners tutorial with a lot of stuff to learn. This tutorial exist to give you a little bit of understanding on how things like NodeJS, ExpressJS, bootstrap, jQuery and Jade template engine work together. Web Application In this tutorial we will be creating a full web application with 2 pages. Main page where people can compress their Javascript files About Page which explains a bit about our app The web application that we are gonna write address a problem about how to use UglifyJS to compress the JavaScript files. I am going to add more feature to the above app but for this tutorial lets keep things simple. I hope that you have installed NodeJS on your box. If you haven't here are instructions to install it on Ubuntu 12  If you are using Windows you can just download the installer and node will be available from command line. After your installation npm and node commands will be available to your from command prompt. npm stands for Node Package Manager and it helps install Node Packages. First up create a folder somewhere on your file system called uglify All our App files will go under this folder. To start with lets create a package.json file under our parent folder (uglify) with the following contents in it [crayon-666a74bbb3e31266960036/] Above package file is pretty easy to understand. Main part in above file is dependencies bit and we will see in a second how its really easy to install dependencies for you project in one hit Now we will just run the following command make sure that you you are in same directory as package.json and then run this command [crayon-666a74bbb3e3a195919217/] This will install node modules essential to run our code smoothly. So node modules that will get installed are Express framework, uglifyJS, Jade template engine Lets now create couple of more folders in your working directory called public and views and also … [Read more...]

Prettify JSON

Hello, I thought I better do this today because I just wanted to have my JSON output return from my server in a readable string. This little tool will help you beautify your JSON string. This is how this tool works.   Step 1: Enter a valid JSON string Step 2: Click on the button below Beautify Step 3: Click textarea below to select the output Press CTRL+C after you select the output to copy it. So as you can see that its really easy. There are only couple of things that you want to be aware of The string that you are trying to beautify must be a valid JSON string else this tool will fail. Make sure that you click on the button that is provided to process your JSON string.     If you find any problem using this tool please let me know. Leave your comments. I hope that this helps Cheers. … [Read more...]

Free Online speech to text editor

Hello, Yes! I know I am a lazy typist and do not like to type at all. Rather this content that you are reading right now is a copy paste from my experimental site called Before you proceed with the link above please note this point that iSpeakText only works with on Google Chrome Basically this site is a text editor. You can play around with it. The coolest thing about it is that it takes voice commands. There are over 25 voice commands supported. It will take you some time to get used to with this text editor. I will share a video that I have done on how to use this tool. Here is a list of commands that this editor will accept as voice commands.   Voice command What does it do? Delete all When you say "Delete All", everything in your editor will be removed. I mean all the text. Delete last line Deletes the last spoken line Select All All text will be selected so that you can CTRL+C to copy it. You can also say "Delete" after this command to clear everything in your editor. Select last line Selects the last list. This is handy be you can convert your last spoken line to Heading, Bold text, italics etx by saying commands "Header", "Bold", "Italic" etc respectively. Unselect Unselects the selected text Backup Temporary backup. I recommend that you backup your work time to time. You backup stays till you close your browser or your session is Inactive for long. Restore Said something bad. You can restore your backup with speaking this command. Bold Convert selected text to bold. Saying it twice will toggle this style. Italic Convert selected text to italic style. Saying it twice will toggle this style. Header Convert selected text to H1 header. Saying it twice will toggle this style. Find Opens "Find text" dialog box Replace Opens "Replace text" dialog box Link Opens "Link" dialog box Number List Starts numbered list. Follow it … [Read more...]

jcResizerCmd – A Free Bulk Image Resizer and watermarker Command Line Software

Hi Guys, Why I did this is a short story that I can share here, I downloaded a free pack of icons in PNG format, now all of them were really good. The number of icons in icon pack was roughly just over 200. Now I wanted them to be 24x24 pixels. I know that I could have done some CSS magic and bring the size down to 24x24 but I thought may be I haven't done anything in C# in a while so why not see how difficult it will be to create a command line tool that just do resizing and watermarking on the images. I did couple of hours reading turn out to be that It actually simple to manipulate Images in .NET with all the classes such as Image, Bitmap, Graphics available to assist me. SO I thought well the reason is there so lets start. I quickly assembled the requirement of what I wanted and started coding. Now I have touched c# after a while so it took me couple of hours to get used to using DOT (.) rather than (->) that I use in PHP for Object manipulations and use. Ok so I know this could not be the best of the util available but I think I did just enough to convince anyone or primarily myself that its a sharable FREE product that could be handy tool for some. I did lot of readings on Image manipulations with .NET so hopefully this tool is just reflection of my readings. When I started to write this tool, it just started with Resizing an Image (v0.9) but then I thought may be watermarking can also be done in Image iteration loop then why not introduce that too. I am doing a website just for this util because I think it could be a helpful tool. So more documentation and usage example will be available from there. Alright enough of chit chat lets start by looking at this util now. jcResizerCmd - A command line util.   How to use it Here is the command structure   Ok so as you can see that there are few options available thats all I needed. May be I should think of adding image rotation angle too. But I thought that may not be … [Read more...]