How to disable Autocorrect, spellcheck and autocomplete HTML5 Tip

Hi Guys, There are time when you would like to disable AutoCorrection, Spell checking, Auto Completion for your form fields. This is true when a field takes in values like names, addresses, phone numbers etc Even though mobile browsers and desktop browsers offers these as features to help users to make less mistakes with their typing and all but as stated there are times when they MAY be less desirable. Browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera or even Internet Explorer helps developers out with disable these features, at form level and or at field level. Oh and we can also add fourth attribute to equation called AutoCapitalize Let me show you with an example but let me tell you about the property names first autocomplete values: on|off autocorrect values: on|off autocapitalize values: on|off spellcheck values: true|false The Markup [crayon-666a7058e76a2363603065/] So the above will give us much to test on you can also use these properties at  form level as shown below [crayon-666a7058e76a7062840479/] Here is a quick demo (Open this page in mobile browser and see if you can hit the nail with the demo provided) I hope that this post was helpful. Just keep these properties in mind, at least if you know they exist you can use them at will and when most desired. You can prevent auto complete, auto correction, spell checking and auto capitalization just with ease. Cheers.   … [Read more...]

Remove Provisioning profiles from iTunes Windows or Mac

Hi Guys, So while I am doing an update to a mobile app that the company I worked has launched some months ago, I still carry loads of rubbish profiles in my iTunes. I felt like it about time I should get rid of those old profiles I used while I tested my last release. Alright so without wasting much time, lets see how we can achieve this. On Windows 7, Follow these steps Browse to C:\Users\YOUR_WIN7_USER_NAME\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileDevice\Provisioning Profiles Delete them. Now Sync On Windows Vista, Follow these steps Browse to C:\Users\YOUR_VISTA_USER_NAME\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileDevice\Provisioning Profiles Delete the profiles that you don't want. Now Sync with your iPhone or iPad For Windows XP, there is only a small change with path, You can repeat the above steps as Browse to C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR_XP_Username\Application Data\Apple Computer\MobileDevice\Provisioning Profiles Delete profiles that are not required. Now Sync your iPad or iPhone On OSX Browse to /Users/OSX_USER_NAME/Library/MobileDevice/Provisioning Profiles Delete profiles that you deemed invalid. Now Sync iTunes with your iPad or iPhone That said If you just want to get Rid of a profile from your iPad or IPhone then do this Goto  Settings > General > Profile > Click on Remove button, that will get rid of that. Just on a side note I want to tell you that next time you sync your device with iTunes then those profiles will reappear. I hope this helps Cheers, Advertisement        … [Read more...]

Error occurred while packaging the application: NotAfter FlashBuilder error

Hi Guys, While I am still developing an update for one of the App that I did few months back, I was surprised to see that when I try to build the same app with some changes I got this error. Now the detailed error was [crayon-666a7058e7cad571678969/] [crayon-666a7058e7cbd128042112/] I had no clue whatsoever why this was happening. I did following but nothing worked Restarted my Flash builder Recreated my projects Restarted my machine Nothing worked!! Then I thought to give that error a closer look. It was talking about some date. Flash builder does a poor job when displaying error. They are not so informative, isn't it. Well it turned out that my development certificate has expired. Darn! Now I have to create a new CSR and then get a new Development certificate from Apple iOS provisioning portal (You will need your newly created CSR in iOS provisioning portal). Once I was done with creating new certificate and installed in my Run configuration Ta!Da! Everything worked like it was suppose to. By the way another tip I would like to through here is that in case you lost the error messages in exile you can always view them from the logs that Flash Builder produces. They can be found here Flex 4.6 [crayon-666a7058e7cbe864914167/] Or Probably older versions [crayon-666a7058e7cbf736148777/] I hope this saves you some time in working out the error. If you have some other experience in fixing the error, please share it with readers using the comments sections Cheers   Advertisement     … [Read more...]

Flex Mobile Component show hide won’t get rid of the space with setting visible true or false

Hi Guys, I though this could be a useful tip for someone who is trying to show/hide a component and when the component hides itself the space is still shown. Well let take a problem solution approach and I will use some screen shots to show you what the actual problem is Say you have a Vertical group as shown below [geshi lang="mxml" nums="1" target="_self" ] [crayon-666a7058e7fcf830963693/] As you can see that I have used visible property on the horizontalgroup1 container. This outputs this   As you clearly see that this leaves a blank space between our Label and second horizontal group. Ideal? No. So how can we fix this Well simple use the includeInLayout Property so the above code can be rewritten as [geshi lang="mxml" nums="1" target="_self" ] [crayon-666a7058e7fd3779128245/] I've changed the color of the Label and included a property called includeInLayout="false" Lets see how the output looks now.   So as you can see this is pretty much equivalent to CSS's display:none There are many use cases where this will help you. One of which is the reason you are reading this post. Just in case you don't want to create mess in your code and are using visible property widely then this may help you fix the space issue Change this line [crayon-666a7058e7fd4077917747/] [crayon-666a7058e7fd5572044383/] [crayon-666a7058e7fd6725435624/] I hope this helps Cheers, Advertisement     … [Read more...]

iTunes iPhone iPad App how to re-submit when status is waiting for review

Hi Guys, Confessions first, Yup I made my millionth mistake today by uploading an incomplete branch build for an App that I developed for my current employer. Where to go from now.   App status said "Your application is waiting for review". I was really pissed at myself But thankfully I found out that I could reject my uploaded binary myself because it was not in review it made perfect sense to do it and upload the right binary. So this is what I am going to share with you:  how to reject your own binary. First login to your iTunes portal and then go to Manage your Applications Click on the App that is waiting for review If you already have version that is live on iTunes you will see something like this Click on View Details button for the version that is waiting for review   From the next page Click on Binary details  as shown below   You will see a page similar to one below   Just Click on "Reject this Binary" button and your Binary will not be reviewed. Only side effect with this is that when you upload your Binary again it will be placed at the end of the processing queue. But I guess thats Ok if you mistake is corrected before making it to public. I hope this helps … [Read more...]

[Solved] Application loader is currently unavailable. Directory Services reported the following error: Your Apple ID or password was entered incorrectly. (-20101)

G'Day Fellas It is now a day to day thing to learn something new with regards to my iPhone iPad App uploads/updates.   I for some reason forgot my iTunes members password and then I reset it only to find out that my Application Loader wont run because it store old authentication somewhere [fair enough!]. Worst thing is that it does not provide me with an option to change my Apple ID or password from within the Application Loader. Below is what I see when I get the Authentication failed error. Well the title of the below shown screenshot should say that Application loader is currently unavailable, just to clarify this I took this screenshot only after I fixed my problem and then re-launched it with wrong password. But you get the Idea.   Then I found out that It does store your old authentication as a KeyChain Access token which you will need to remove in order to enter your Apple ID and Password. Below screen grab shows where it store your application password.   So below are the steps that you need to follow Quit your Application loader if it is opened. Goto KeyChain Access Delete email address that is used as your Apple ID Re-launch you Application Loader You should now be able to re-enter your Apple ID and password Hope this helps Cheers! … [Read more...]

Flex 4.6 Text disappears from TextInput as View gets activated

Hi Guys, This was weirdest problem that I faced while migrating my code base from 4.5 to 4.6 SDK. When I compile my code with 4.5.1 SDK everything works as per required. But when I compile the same code base with 4.6 then TextInput seems to loose data when my view gets active. There are couple of quick things that I tried and seems to work. I think it appears that StageText is active by default in 4.6 so thats messing things up. I tried couple of things which seems to work. After setting the value for the TextInput in one of my function I called setFocus() immediately on it and it seems to work, but the more appropriate solution would be (2) Another thing that I did is to actually have skinClass defined to use TextInputSkin exclusively. I hope I am making sense if not here is what I did to setup my TextInput skin   [geshi lang="mxml" nums="1" target="_self" ] [crayon-666a7058e814f673730270/] I did not do excessive tests on this topic so I cannot really add more to it right now. I hope above works for you. If not then try adobe forums. Cheers, … [Read more...]

Flex Mobile remove delete element value from Array

Hi Guys, I thought I should share this one with you. I've been using ArrayCollection since I started to develop Mobile Apps in Flex. There are some moments when you end up using Array for a weird reason. And when you end up using an array you think Oh well! how to remove element from an Array. Below are few things that I would like you to show First up removing an Element Say you have an Array as shown below [geshi lang="actionscript" nums="1" target="_self" ]   [crayon-666a7058e83f4774346911/] Lets remove value3 from the above Array [geshi lang="actionscript" nums="1" target="_self" ]   [crayon-666a7058e83f7515098384/] Lets remove all Elements that appear after value2 [geshi lang="actionscript" nums="1" target="_self" ]   [crayon-666a7058e83f8521322007/] Lets now add value3 again after value1 [geshi lang="actionscript" nums="1" target="_self" ]   [crayon-666a7058e83f9536224762/] If you would like to remove all Array Elements then you can use Splice function again on Array like this [geshi lang="actionscript" nums="1" target="_self" ]   [crayon-666a7058e83fa057289775/] Now that you have seen above you can write your own RemoveElementAt function that will work as per your requirement. Below is a basic function to achieve RemoveElementAt [geshi lang="actionscript" nums="1" target="_self" ]   [crayon-666a7058e83fb382315148/] I Hope this helps … [Read more...]

how to create Flex mobile List RSS feed

[sam_ad id="19" codes="true"]Alright so its really as simple as jalebi (An Indian sweet dish) and it is equivalent to English saying which goes like this "Its as clear as mud" Before I continue with my article I would like to share a nice book on Flex which covers lot of things. If you already don't have this book then get it off Amazon. The link is at the right. I read it, that's why I can recommend it to others. Now that I have told you about Jalebi's and Mud it time to get to the point. I am not going to try to make this look like there is lot of hard work involved instead I will keep it simple. First up fire up your Flash builder 4.5+ and create a new Flex mobile project (View based application) called jaspreetchahal :) I am using my name but trust me I never do that myself. I am doing this so that you can remember that some random guy helped you on Internet :) Do I need to to put a screenshot for how to create a Flex Mobile project. I would say no. But let put one screenshot anyway where you select what type of application will it be. Lets select "View based application" as shown below   Now that you've create a new Flex mobile project its about time to do something interesting. From your Flash builder menu goto Data > Connect to Data/Service (or optionally from a tab at bottom of you page called Data/service) Select XML. Click Next. Select URL radio button. Enter URL as and click invoke. Screen shot  is shown below Remember to select appropriate node. In my case I am going to iterate on Item element of my feed. Reason because that is the only element I am interested in. Here is the URL for you again to browse Click Finish A new service will be created for you with name jcFeed. Check out the Data/Service tab at the bottom of the page as shown below. You will have Item Object available and an array of Item array is available via getData … [Read more...]

Step by step guide: How to submit publish your flex .ipa iphone iPad iPod iOs app to iTunes

Apple makes it difficult :). First I have to say that most of the submission steps can be performed within a browser but uploading your app will require you to have a Mac. Well that's why I say that they make it difficult. If you are a pro then you may look at hackintosh if you don't have Mac, but using hackintosh is out of context of this article. This article applies to compiled ipa file, source can be anything such as Flex or XCode. I will assume that you app is ready for submission i.e. your IPA File is distribution ready and you have tested your app thoroughly. I've prepared a checklist for Apple app submission as well. If you are interested you can read it Just a little bit of insight on what's required if you are just reading this for curiosity sake. First up you will need an Apple iOS developer Account. You will need to spend $99/year to get that account. This account lets you use their provisioning portal for creating your app testing provisioning profile and distribution profile. It also lets you use iTunes Connect which is essential in maintaining your application. You can also check lots of resources that are only available to registered Apple developers such as Forums, latest iOS SDK etc. Again we are not going to discuss how to use your provisioning portal here that's a separate topic. I assume that you are now logged into your Apple Developer Center. Home screen should look like this [as of writing]     . Click on iTunes connect. It will throw a login screen, just use your Developer login details to login to your iTunes connect portal. Once you are in your home screen will look like this. - In the picture above we are only interested in "Manage your Applications" part. Click on that link. you will get the screen below. On this screen we are interested in button labelled "Add new App" as shown … [Read more...]