Hiring A Web Developer?

G'Day Fellas, Sometime back A friend of mine asked me if I could help him to hire a Web Developer, the one who can manage his business sites. I told him that it is quite a job to get a right man or woman to do the job you are offering. Anyway I created content for Job to be published and him being a native English speaker corrected all the grammar mistakes in my write-up. We end up publishing that job on couple of Job Websites Its kinda expensive to publish one, you know :) Nightmare started in couple of minutes, Job agencies offering right candidates tailor made just to do this job. Interesting! Good cooks (I am serious) applying for this Job didn't make any sense. Same person applying with two totally different resumes? whoa! thats a little bit too much just to get a job. Anyway I shortlisted few applicants and in the end shortlisted 3 after phone conversations and stuff. I then gave them an assignment to do so  that I can decide on which one will fit in nicely based on their style of coding, approach they took, creativity, design, execution and used technologies We were successful in finding The One I was glad that in the end it was not just the face value shown in resumes that we counted on, rather it was more rigorous approach. My friend being a part technical brain would like to explain things in plain English and would expect the same in return, rather than a developer explaining in var $myVar = "IDontKnowHowToExplain" language This post is not about how to hire but rather about what 15 signs you look for if you want to avoid hiring a wrong Web Developer. Lets check them out and please add to this list if you would like to add Responsive Design: If your prospective employee knows nothing about Responsiveness, that will put you in a lot a trouble or may lay a death bed for you to be launched website pretty soon. On the other hand those who thinks that responsive design can only be achieved by Twitter Bootstrap, hmm.. You … [Read more...]

Getty Images Promo code 2013

Hi Guys, This is an updated post on all new promo codes from Getty Images for year 2013. Please find the codes below. All links coupons open in new window You can also find coupons and promo codes for iStockPhoto, ThinkStock on my blog. Just search for it. Bookmark this page by pressing CTRL+D as I will be posting more coupons to save you more money. To be frank when you use any coupon from my sites its just I make some commission that goes towards supporting this blog. I hope that this helps. Just in case if you want to make me aware of something please let me know. Leave your comments. Cheers,   … [Read more...]

best 3 ajax loader GIF generators

Hi Guys, My likings to these online fabulous tools are based on Simplicity Number of customization options and finally how good the result looks like Ok so lets go ahead and check them out First on the list is preloaders.net This is the best tool available to generate animated ajax loading GIFs http://preloaders.net gives you all the options I guess, that you need to create a good looking ajax loader. Its simple to create an animated GIF Pick a Category Select you preloader Customize it and Hit that big blue button "Generate preloader" and then you are able to download it.   Second on the list is ajaxload.info Not as advanced as preloader tool but its simple slick and works. Not many options to play with but what you see is what you get. Its a great tool if you don't understand the options available from my first choice. I recommend to take this tool for a spin. I am 100% sure that you will find it quite useful in long run. URL: ajaxload.info Third on the list is cssload.net URL: cssload.net This online tool has less customization options than what you see in preloaders tool but if you are time savvy nerd and want something that is CSS only and you like what you saw in the templates window as shown below then its the fastest of all tools to generate a animated ajax loader but the catch is that its CSS only and rely on native CSS animation (transition capabilities), The best thing about this tool is that its got a live preview i.e. what ever changes you are making to your spinner you can see them all happening right in front of your eyes so there are no surprises at the end when you are ready to download the CSS code for your spinner. Please note that your Spinner will not work on older browsers that don't support CSS3 Other tools such as http://loadinfo.net/ could be useful too, it all depends on what you are trying your final animation to look like Conclusion Of all the tools that I've tried to … [Read more...]

Wondershare Coupon code plus AllMyTube Tutorial

Hi Guys, I came across WonderShare through one of my friend and since then I am a fan of the simple and straight forward tools that they provide. So I decided to write this post on one of their tools that is called AllMyTube. If you are a massive Youtube user or Vimeo user then this tool could be for you. I can list few things that I use this tool for. Backing up my Videos Download lengthy Videos that I want to watch later Convert my Videos to Audio formats like mp3. Maintain a Library of Vids that interests me. But you can do much more. Here is a quick Video tutorial by my on AllMyTube httpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5podqSE2iDM The software is split in 3 sections basically Downloads Library Converter Lets check what each section means Downloads Software is really smart with download video downloads. Say if you are watching a Youtube video and you want to watch it later, no problems! If you have already installed supported browser plugin then just hover on the video and when you hover you will notice that a black button at top right corner will appear, You click on that button and download the video at your selected resolution. If you don't have the browser plugin installed then Copy the video URL and Click Paste URL button under Downloading section and your  video will automatically starts to download. Once downloaded it will appear under your library section. as shown below  Library Under library I can do few things like Convert a Video to my preferred media type Delete an existing Video that I no longer want. Share my Videos on Facebook or Twitter and other handy things That's really cool. In other way I am maintaining a Custom Library in my own media format which I can either watch or listen later when I don't have say internet. I can carry them with my phone and tablet, no need to worry about anything. Quick and easy. Alright Now the most important bit and … [Read more...]

Blogging and Social Media

Hi Guys, This is my fifth post in my Blogging Tips series that I started few days back. If you haven't already you can read my previous 2 posts from here Blogging Tips: Where to start Blogging Tips: Think out of the Box Blogging Tips: Why Blogs won't work How to draw traffic to your blog site Today I am going to talk about the importance of social media in the age we are living in and how important it is for your websites. We all know likes of Facebook and twitter. I've just started to use my personal account on Facebook and Twitter to highlight some important stuff that I do for my websites and the response is incredible. With Twitter I don't have many followers but I think it will get better where in other social sites like facebook, I am getting pretty good response from my friends etc. Put it this way. You release a post and talk about it on your Facebook page. If you have 2000 accounts who are your subscribers and you get 500 to check your link out you get instant traffic increase. Now it does not end here. As you saw on my blog that I have social buttons installed so that if a visitor likes the content they are more likely to give it a Facebook thumbs up or a Google +1 or Digg it. When someone likes a link on your website it get certain audience from the person's friend list who liked it. So your article visibility is instantly amplified.  In the end its all about publishing valuable content and getting people to visit your site. If you are doing good work and no one sees what you are doing I guess that's not a good Idea. Let's highlight some key points what I do for in Social amplification of my article or post. Posting your Links Select a group that is relevant to your niche and post your article link there. You are nearly guaranteed to get audience from that group. If you keep posting something valuable every time, you will get a loyal audience. You should try to interact with the group, just posting links will isolate you. … [Read more...]

Blogging Tips: How to draw traffic to your blog site

Hi Guys, This is my fourth post in my Blogging Tips series that I started few days back. If you haven't already you can read my previous 2 posts from here Blogging Tips: Where to start Blogging Tips: Think out of the Box Blogging Tips: Why Blogs won't work I will be talking about my experiences. There are so many other ways that I may not cover in my points below. You can contribute too using comments. Ok I believe that I am doing few things right because when I started writing the traffic was really minimal. I understood driving traffic after posting few months. Google and other major search engines are too important to your site that you cannot avoid them. You have to understand that you are writing for prospective visitors that are just search for that information. In other words you are not writing for yourself. Now if you are writing for yourself then only you will understand it and neither your visitors or major search engines will be too entertained with what you wrote. Here is the visual difference when I was running blog for myself and then I starting writing for major population. You have to understand the Content is king Every unique post that you write is guaranteed to bring quality traffic to your site. Now that I am sure you are either using wordpress or something similar for you site. Here are some key points that I assembled over the time. Keep above graph snapshot in your brain just for the time being until you finish reading this post. Post Title Choosing your post title is the most important thing that you can do before you even wrote a single word for you post. You title is your first H1 HTML tag and thus is most important piece of information for search engines too. Putting some research work and checking Keyword competition is a good thing. No matter how good your post is if your title lags that crispiness it is most unlikely to receive a hit. Content Quality If you got your titled sorted then next part is your … [Read more...]

Blogging Tips: Why Blogs won’t work

Hi Guys, This is my third post in my Blogging Tips series that I started few days back. If you haven't already you can read my previous 2 posts from here Blogging Tips: Where to start Blogging Tips: Think out of the Box In this post I am going to outline whatever experiences I had when I started blogging. I and few of my friends have a really bad start. In this post I am going to highlight what you should and you shouldn't do. Navigation Do yourself a favour. Treat your Blog as a site that is not yours. Now try browsing it. Ask yourself these questions Can you search something particularly easy on this site. Can you go to a category easily. Is the navigation Clear i.e. Did you get lost somewhere and don't know your way out. Is there something that you can do to improve the Visitor experience. Bottom line is that your site navigation should be friendly so that it cause less confusion when a visitor is browsing your site. Your Site Layout & Look and feel As I said before that you are browsing your site as a third user. Ask yourself If you were a real visitor what will their initial impression. Here are couple of NOTs that you should be aware of I hate blogs where a Ad pops out of nowhere (like a modal dialog) while I am reading an article. While I think it is Ok if they want to highlight if they are running any specials but Ads should in within Article itself. Making money is good but limit your Ads to display in a way that it doesn't hurt user reading experience. You can read my Old posts I think I became greedy when I started :) doesn't work. For me I love writing now and want to give my site visitors a good experience. So I am limiting my in article Ads to maximum 2 depending on length of Article. You website theme should be simple and sleek. If you think funky stuff works think again. In my experience on this Blog my bounce Rate decreased rapidly when I made really basic changes to navigation and look and feel. Here is a … [Read more...]

Blogging Tips: Think out of the Box

Hi Guys, This is my second post for the series I started last week called "Blogging Tips Series". In my First post I covered where to start. If you haven't read that post feel free to hit this link http://jaspreetchahal.org/blogging-tips-where-to-start/ In this post I am going to talk about creativity. Its your creativity that can make you stand out from others. I am still learning art of "being Creative" because its important. If I compare myself to what I am now to what I was couple of years ago. I can see much improvement in the way I think and the way I write. Ok so lets talk about it. You are not required to believe me. I am a strong believer of what my brain tells me. My brain processes lot of information during the day and at the end of the day its time to consolidate that information. I have to confess that I generally try to do atleast 1 post every day. Being a full time employee I only have 4-5 hours later in night to all my posts, because I am a Programmer by profession thus you will find lot of my posts to be Problem-Solution approach, which is not bad at all. I am pretty glad that I am getting generous Traffic. Saturday and Sundays are the best days for me to concentrate on my Ideas, writing and my other websites. Bottom line is that I am always thinking of  how can I improve myself? I think that's the question you should be asking yourself all the time. Let me outline what I do myself. Making optimal use of your brain By this I mean that you are what your brain is. I believe that your brain is the best asset you've been awarded of your good deeds by God. So make use of it. Keep thinking and never give up. You have to believe that just one Good website will change everything for you. Before making any decision on a Topic (it can be anything) never ever give up on thinking and you will see that the result you will get will bring you accolades. Above all I believe thinking or Imagining is fun. Never Hurry deciding what's right … [Read more...]

Blogging Tips: Where to start

Hi Guys, So I am starting this series to share my blogging experiences with you. I am naming this series Blogging Tips series and this series will cover many topics like Where to start - this post Creativity Why blogs won't work How to draw traffic Using Social media What you should avoid Making money How affiliate stuff work. Best Affiliate program providers. Blogging Tips Advertising Commenting on your blow and many more to follow Don't forget to +1 this post if you like it. Many Links in this post are affiliate links I never talk myself down so my experiences may be agreed by you or you can criticize my post or you can add you wonderful thoughts to whatever I write. I am in field of blogging from last many many months if not decades. So I have gained may be enough knowledge to share with you. Ok so let me tell you where to start. Its a difficult one but I will try to address it. Its not easy when you ask yourself what you should be writing about or even worse you have no clue what Blogging software to pick or to create one. I should tell you that you shouldn't spend time reinventing the wheel just to prove that you got some skills. Wordpress is an awesome software that I use for Blogging. Not only it is self efficient but extensions like themes and plugins make it really strong platform for yourself. I wrote only 2 plugins up until now just because the requirements were very unique. So now you know what software to pick Next for me was to choose hosting. A cheap and reliable hosting. I am using knownhost (aff link) now but I started with Hostgator Point was that I never wanted to invest too much upfront that it would become liability. So cheap and best was my option. So now your hosting is all set. You should be looking to customize your Wordpress the way you want to run it. You should be looking to create a good navigation menu. Sitemap, Privacy policy (A must), About us page. You have to be sure what … [Read more...]

Google Drive vs Dropbox vs Box vs SkyDrive

So so the competition is growing in terms of Cloud storage and that is really good for the consumers looking for awesome deals. In this post I highlight some key comparable features for Google Drive, Dropbox, Box  and SkyDrive Ok so at time of writing here are some comparison by me Service Free storage Web Droid Win Phone Black berry iOS Linux Mac Windows Cost for 25GB Cost for 50GB Google Drive 5GB Yes Yes X X Yes X Yes Yes $2.49 $4.99 (100GB) Dropbox 2GB Upto 18 Gb Free with referrals  Yes Yes X Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  Only comes 50G+ $9.99 Box 5GB Yes Yes X Yes Yes X Yes Yes $9.99 $19.99 Microsoft SkyDrive 7GB Yes X Yes X Yes X Yes Yes $0.83 (27GB) $2.08 (52GB) Advertisement   Now For me Dropbox is a clear leader. Why? One of the main reason behind me saying that it supports nearly everything except Windows Phone. I am sure guys are working hard on this. Google and Skydrive on the other hand has just started and have long way to go. With big brand name and trust behind them, I guess they will soon catchup with Dropbox. I am not considering to tell you about Apple iCound because it is so tightly integrated with iOS and is not true Drive solution. Box amongst all is really expensive. But I guess its not for guys like myself may be IBM perhaps could be using them. Dropbox is an excellent service and to start with they give you 2GB free but thats not it. Stay with them and refer your friends and they will give upto 18GB for FREE depending how many referrals (500MB/referral) you can give them. Google Drive has reserved Ad display rights in Drive. Google says it reserve rights to display ads with their Drive solution. Fair enough. Nothing is for FREE after all. Best thing though is that you can increase your storage to 16TB. Wow! that's huge. At the moment Google drive is more of an extension to its Google Documents … [Read more...]