Clear DNS cache for Google Chrome How to?

Hi Guys, There are times when you make use of local hosts file in windows development to test your websites and while you are testing and changing your hosts file to point your domain to local/production server you notice that sometimes it doesn't work until either you close Chrome and restart it or you wait for default timeout for chrome to refresh its DNS cache. Chrome does that to make things faster to load so that it don't have to fetch DNS data again and again. Chrome is not a browser written by or for kids, so here is the something that Chrome provides to clear DNS cache manually. net-internals webpage is a special URL that you can point your Chrome browser to to load network stack's internal state So in your Chrome address bar just type chrome://net-internals/#dns   Or just click on the above link (open in new tab) Once you are on the webpage just click on Clear host cache button as shown below Once you click on the button you will see that Active entries table where hostname is pointing to an IP is cleared/reset.   Resources By the way if you would like to know all internal chrome commands please use this command in chrome address bar chrome://about/ I hope this helps If you would like to add or correct any part of this post please do leave you comments Cheers … [Read more...]

Install node.js on Ubuntu 12+ and test with example server

Now that I've started to learn node.js to a project of mine thus there will be a few articles on node that you will see. And of course I am not an expert on this topic or any actually thus making any amendments will be welcome to improve this post Ok so I am using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and I think ubuntu works for me atleast for stuff I wanted to do. So after reading many articles online, this is how I successfully installed node on my ubuntu. First we will need to install pre-requisites or dependencies before we can touch node so run the following commands to install Dependencies You will need to install these dependencies first [crayon-60d5070cbb76b017763813/] If something goes wrong while installing any of the above then try these steps before you repeat above [crayon-60d5070cbb774394005017/] Installing for current user Change to the directory your want to install node in. For this example lets keep it simple and create a nodejs directory first as shown below [crayon-60d5070cbb776336917740/] If everything went smoothly then its time to get the source from GIT so here are the required steps for that [crayon-60d5070cbb777131098192/] # update the environment path variable echo 'PATH=$PATH:$HOME/nodejs/bin' >> $HOME/.bashrc source ~/.bashrc Please note that ./configure will do a check on dependencies and you will see problems in red if something went wrong. Congratulations! Node is now installed and you are ready to rock But just before that I would also recommend you to install node package manager (npm) [crayon-60d5070cbb778690141340/] npm is now installed. npm is a good way to install node modules. But Lets test our node install out Somewhere where you would like to create a new project, just create a new file called index.js (please note that this is just a test thus I am not emphasizing on where and how to do your project structure) I just use gedit to do … [Read more...]

Disable Javascript Internet Explorer 10 How to?

There are times when you want to test few things if JavaScript is disabled at clients browser. I imagine that if you are like me I generally can't think of any online systems without Javascript. It has become such a integral part of what you develop for web. I thought I should put this post together that can help you out. This post will use images to explain what to do. Lets me now show you how to disable javascript in IE10 Step 1 Goto Tools > Internet options or just click on the wheel at top right corner and click Internet Options Step 2 Now goto security tab and click on custom level Step 3 Search for Scripting section under settings as shown below   Check the radio button that has label "Disable" under scripting and that is what is require to disable Javascript in IE10 Why is it so difficult to find that setting. I don't know we better ask Microsoft. What do you reckon? This settings is pretty much same as in IE9 so there are not many changes to this. I wish Microsoft soon will introduce search for their Internet Option popup window just like you can search everything so easily in Chrome :) I hope that this helps and if you have something to say then please leave your comments. Cheers   … [Read more...]

IP Traffic Spy failed to create local socket

Hello, I was trying this awesome util for some basic sniffing to see what local network IP were trying to connect to a specific ports on my machine and I got this error "failed to create local socket" Here are steps I followed I installed IP Traffic Spy It asked me to bind as shown below  after pressing ok, in the status bar you see that error   In my case I was not running my box as an admin so I just have to right click on the IP Traffic Spy executable and select Run as administrator and it worked.   I hope that this helps. In case you end up resolving this some other way please leave your comments so that other can benefit. Cheers … [Read more...]

Cpanel: Install mod_cloudflare

Hello, Now that I've put my site on CloudFlare, hopefully you will see a performance boost and site load time should drop. Guys at Cloudflare directed me to read this document which I think was sort of a kick start on "How To with cloudflare?" You can read that document here This document helped me a lot in understanding the configurations and how to use CloudFlare control centre. You must be aware that CloudFlare act as a proxy to your server thus all the IP addresses hitting your server would be CloudFlare's IP addresses. Your access logs will start looking weird. You should also read these documents Now this post just tackle one specific problem i.e.     How to install mod_cloudflare under CPanel Follow these steps Use putty or similar tool to connect to your server using SSH. Goto your home directory or goto /usr/local/src We will download the source code for mod_cloudflare now with the following command [crayon-60d5070cbbc0d816247034/] Above step will download file called mod_cloudflare.c  We will now use apxs (Apache Extension Tool) to install our mod_cloudflare with the following command [crayon-60d5070cbbc11060451848/] Make sure that you have not changed your working directory Now we will restart our Apache service with the following command [crayon-60d5070cbbc12705659496/] OR [crayon-60d5070cbbc13000347218/]  Final step would be to update Apache Configuration and is done with the following command [crayon-60d5070cbbc14795165926/]   Make sure that there is no error from any of the above step. If you are not a system administrator then you should avoid doing it. But if you are a a techie and are confident enough then go ahead and do it. I also have compiled these instruction from … [Read more...]

Excel 2013 remove duplicates Video tutorial

Hello, While I was working on a spreadsheet where I had to get rid of duplicate values in a column and multiple columns I thought It could be useful for me to do a video on how to remove duplicates so that it may help someone. I hope that you can bear with my English but I assure you that the intentions are to help someone out so putting up with it something you shoudn't complain :) Remove duplicate cell data in Excel 2013 Here is a quick video tutorial httpvh://     I hope that you will thoroughly understand how to remove duplicates from your spreadsheet columns. If you would like me to write about it with screen shots please let me know. I thought video will be much simpler. I hope that you learn from this post. If you have something to add to what I said please leave your comments and I will add it in this post. Cheers … [Read more...]

How to close an app in windows 8 Video tutorial included

Hello, While I was wondering how we can close an app in windows 8 I came to know after playing around with it a little bit. Here is a quick video tutorial just on this topic Video tutorial httpvh:// If you don't want to watch the above video here are the ways you can close an opened app Same old ALT+F4, CTRL+ALT+DELETE will bring up the task manager and you can force kill your app. This is not very friendly way to do it, right? I use this: Take your mouse cursor right at the top of the opened window. You will notice once the pointer hits the top it will change its shape to a hand cursor. Just when it does that you can hold the LEFT mouse button and start dragging the window right to the bottom of the screen and then leave the mouse button you were holding. You will notice that your app is now closed. Another option is to hold down Windows+TAB keys and you will see thumbnails on left hand side with all the opened windows. You are now free to Right mouse click and close your app. Window+Tab is also used to switch between apps. I would always use the third option where possible. You can watch the video too and put a vote through if you like it. If covers couple of other tricks that you can use to speed up your actions in windows 8 environment. I will come up with some other tips and tricks on this topic. There are hater and there are lovers. I love windows 8 because I think its quite intuitive, but there are certain things that are made difficult to find. But I think when you get used to it, FURN starts then. If you have any other method other than what I mentioned above to close an app please do share it with other readers Cheers … [Read more...]

error setting certificate verify locations: CAfile while using tmhOAuth

Hello, While I was working with twitter API and using one of the known PHP Twitter API wrapper called tmhOAuth, written by Matt Harris I fumble upon this error. error setting certificate verify locations: CAfile What the? I did some reading and then I realized that my cacert.pem was not copied to the desired folder. So I copied the downloaded file from the Repo and re-ran my twitter API tests. Again same error happened. Now I was pulling my hair apart at this time. Then I realized that it could be possible that my .pem is outdated. Thus I downloaded my cacert.pem file from here You can either use CURL itself to download our certificate like this curl  > /myloc/cacert.pem Or you can also right click on the above link and save it somewhere. You have to keep up with this the latest .pem file for just in case situations. I hope that this helps. I was able to resolve my errors by updating my cacert.pem file Cheers,       … [Read more...]

Nusphere PHPed 7.0 dark theme

Hello, While looking around on the nusphere website I couldn't find any useful pointer to where I can just go and download a theme that is easy on my eyes. But then I found this page Now when I downloaded the theme and try to install it on my PHPed it didn't work so I thought may be I should edit it as per what I preferred because I already had a launching pad, thanks for guys at doantstudios. Here is a screenshot of my editor appearance settings Let me go through what you will need to do to install this theme. I could have written a quick setup.exe too but I remember my friend saying that its not always a good idea to put everything in a installer. But let me know I can do that to make it easier for you to install it. Ok now lets go through the install steps one by one Depending on your operating system go to either [crayon-60d5070cbc0a2063591753/] or [crayon-60d5070cbc0a6968883521/]     Once you are in do this Close NuSphere PHPed 7.0 Make copy of file hl.cfg   --- very important so that you can restore your old theme just in case if the new one doesn't work for you or you did not like it. Now download the below Extract the archive somewhere. Copy h1.cfg over existing file thus overwrite the existing file. If windows ask you to overwrite the file, you must click yes Download Donations This is important bit. I generally fund my own stuff only except my Tea and Coke :). So if you are interested donating a penny for my work. Consider donations! I don't get many because generally people skip this part and go directly to downloads :) but its always worth asking. Every penny is guaranteed to put up for nice work ;)   Key details Here are some key details for the theme Font family:  Consolas (Monospace) Font Size: 12pt Background: rgb(0,0,0) Default Text color: rgb(255,255,255) Line highlight: rgb(42,42,42) String: … [Read more...]

Chrome on iPhone iPad Find on page

Hello, Yes! I understand that you installed cool browser app called chrome on your iPhone or iPad and now you want to know how to find something on a page that you are viewing. Right?? You are reading the right article on feel good blog :) Find in page is really easy in Chrome Ok rather than wasting time to make this article very long lets get straight to the point. First tap on the chrome icon and fire it up. Type your favourite website address and hit Go. I am using one of  the pages on my blog as the initial view is shown below   Ok so now press that (3 lines) button next to address bar as shown below       As you can see that when you hit that button a drop down menu will show up. That where you will find that Find in Page function. Hit that menu item and you will get an input box where you start typing what you want to search on that page as shown below   As you can see that I am typing text "windows box" and Chrome is highlighting it with orange background that is cool and now to go find next and previous entries for that text just press Up (^) and Down (V)  buttons and thats pretty much it. Oh and yes it does show you how many matches it has found on the page for what you are trying to look for. Chrome is a wonderful browser and I think its better than other browsers available as an app in iOS platform. I wrote this post just because I was looking at it and unlike Safari where finding a text on page is not that friendly, Chrome is just opposite. It makes things easier for you. I hope that this is what you were looking for. Please leave your comments just in case if I missed a point. Cheers Advertisement       … [Read more...]