How to clear DNS Cache in Windows small business server 2011 or windows 2008 r2

G'day While I do not write on Windows server too often but here is that once in a blue moon article or you can assume a quick tip on how to clear DNS cache, Reason can be any but sometimes we have to do it. Locally we will just use [crayon-669147878368c562331759/] to flush local DNS issue but on the server side here is how its done Step 1 Goto Start > Administrative tools > DNS You will see all your zones including forwards, reverse lookups and conditional forwards. To view Cached lookup goto View > Advanced Now you will see an entry called Cached lookups appear as shown in image below Gobind is my server name. Step 2 (Clear DNS cache) From here on there are 2 ways you can clear your cache. Either select Cached lookups entry and then Goto Action > Clear cache  as shown below OR Right click on Cached lookups entry and then left click Clear cache from cotext menu as shown below   You don't have to restart your DNS service. You can then Right click > Refresh to see if caches are gone, they will :) I hope this helps, In case you would like to leave your input, do so by leaving your comments.         … [Read more...]

Google Maps How to do a KML Layer overlay fill

Hi Guys, Now that I am experimenting with Google Maps I thinks its about time to write a few articles. This is the first one in the series to follow in coming weeks. This post covers how to draw a KML Layer overlay using Google Maps. Good thing is that as of version 3 there is no external library is needed to do what we are going to do. KML that I am going to use can be downloaded from the link provided at the end of this post. Final result will look like below Code Snippet You would have a clue how to use Google Maps API to draw simple maps so I am not going to explain line by line but you can use the code snippet to extend it   [crayon-6691478783cf4123916551/]   This will produce a nice KML Layer with a polygon created from the coordinates supplied from the KML data. To change the colors of the line and highlighted area you can change color value under style element values as shown below [crayon-6691478783cf8674554296/]   Remember color property is not your typical HEX color. Its defined as aabbggrr (alpha, blue, green, red)   Download Demo KML You are able to download the KML file from the link below That's about it actually.  Most of the power is in your polygon data and GM API take care of the rest. I hope this helps Cheers, … [Read more...]

How to download JW Player flash mp4 flv movies

To start with let me tell you that this method works most of the time, and I will use our friendly browser Firefox to do the hard bit i.e. downloading. You can also utilize other browsers too, I haven't personally tried those. There are many other tools available, no doubt about that. But I love to keep things simple for myself so just sharing my approach here. Leave your comments if you think you have a better way to do this, because this will help others including myself. First of all let me touch base on the reasons why we may want to download videos Many video tutorials authors record their videos and won't publish them on Youtube so you can't really use "view it later" function like pro video sites offers. Browser bookmarking can get really messy in no time unless you use some online bookmarking sites, so its easier to maintain a video library locally on your machine You may want to keep a copy to view those when you are not connected to the Matrix, I mean Internet Or you are just a download freak. i.e. you download stuff just for the fun of downloading as your ISP offer massive amount of monthly download quota for you to consume. Anyway lets not waste more time and see what can be done Step 1: Download Firefox Just in case you don't have FireFox then get it here   Step 2: Launch Firefox Launch Firefox and goto Firefox > Addons as shown below   Now in the search field type "Flash Video Downloader" You will see a result that looks like this Click the Install button and once its installed, Restart your Firefox, do not forget this Once FF restarts you will observe that there is a new Icon next to the address bar as shown below Step 3 Goto the URL where video is hosted Type the URL which is hosting video of your interest played by JW Player. Click on the Play button, this will enable our Add-on to detect which file player is getting video data from. You will notice that the Add-on button with … [Read more...] – A Free reminder service using twitter’s direct message

Hi Guys, Well, based on some of the thing I have lately been worried about, one amongst those iss forgetting some of the key dates such as my wedding anniversary I decided to do something about it. I wrote a fun online tool called The sole purpose of this site is Reminders sent using Twitter's Direct messages system. What that means is that on a given time you will get a Message directly in your twitter Inbox Now this is good because based on your preference if someone sends you a direct message it will sort of delivered to you twitter phone app as a Message more in form of SMS. I hope I am making sense here. Bottom line is that you will be alerted on web, on your phone, on your tablet at the same time Features Here are some key features for this web application Set Reminders in your own TimeZone  Seems weird but trust me that if I talk GMT or UTC very less people will be able to One, understand it. Two, have to make complex calculation in their brain to get the time right just in case they do understand GMT and stuff  Remind not only yourself but send a Direct Message to your friend too  Yes I Know that they can take care of their own reminders but sometimes its good if you can send a Message to their inbox when - It's their Birthday - It's their wedding anniversary - or Just remind them if they've got an exam on that date - and stuff like that Check your upcoming and sent reminder  You have full control on your Reminders. What I mean to say is that you are able to Create and Delete your reminders, Just in case you want to delete your delivered ones, you are able to do that too. Unlike others, I don't really care of data being removed from my server. Your privacy and what you write is kept private "All the freakin time" Its as simple as that Mobile and Tablet friendly  This is important because we all use phones and/or tablets nowadays and making your web application not … [Read more...]

LinkedIn Share button with Callback

Hi Guys, In previous few post we discussed about many social button including Google +1, Twitter, Facebook Like, In this post I will show you how to create a LinkedIn button with a callback. So without wasting much time and me explaining why callbacks are necessary, lets jump straight to the point 1st step Write this function and place somewhere in your HEAD tag [crayon-6691478783f02893639962/] [crayon-6691478783f05267182354/]   2nd step Include this script somewhere in you HEAD tag [crayon-6691478783f06021394871/] [crayon-6691478783f07432972385/]   This will make LinkedIn JavaScript API available to your webpage. Final Step [ltu]   The final step is to include this bit to where you want your share button to appear [crayon-6691478783f08945875017/]   Well I know what you are gonna say. I was surprised too to why LI won't use a DIV or similar container and make use of script tag, let me tell you what each of the above attributes actually implies type: Custom type used as is data-url: This is the URL that people will share. Generally you will use location.href here data-counter: Where would you like your share counter to appear. 3 possible values are top, right or blank data-onsuccess: This is the important bit where we place our callback function. Make sure that your callback function is available on your page. [/ltu] That's pretty much it and you are able to create a LinkedIn share button with a custom callback. I hope that this helps Cheers,   … [Read more...]

Tweet button with a callback – How to?

Hi Guys, While I was working on a plugin for WordPress I have to write fair bit of code to get the social stuff happening. Callbacks are necessary from all the major Social buttons that users interact with. Be it Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter or LinkedIn. In this post I will show you exactly how to add a Twitter's Tweet button with a callback  in your page that will print "Tweet successful" on Javascript Console once user tweets. 1. The Markup Everything that I will show here is from Twitter [crayon-6691478784102985038990/] You should change all the data values in the code as per your requirements Next steps is to include twitter Javascript API     2. Twitter API Put this code somewhere in your body tag [crayon-6691478784105981107655/] [crayon-6691478784107543731455/] Now that we have window.twttr object available its time to bind some events supported by twitter [ltu] 3. Event Handler Place this code before the body end tag and after the above code, but that's just me saying that [crayon-669147878410d196578809/] [/ltu] As you can see that its that simple. I can go on and explain other events stuff here too but its just me re-writting what Twitter documentation already have for you. So just go and check it out here I hope that this helps     … [Read more...]

How to change Google Plus stream layout to old one

Hi Guys, Well its exciting that Google has updated look and feel for their Social tool called Google+ We used to have a tall news stream and now it more beautiful, more like tiles. Here is a screenshot of the new layout     Interesting part is that you can switch to the old tall way to see your stream. Here is how. Click on the More dropdown as shown in the picture below From the Dropdown you will see the Stream Layout options as shown below From there click on the List Icon and you will have your Old styled Google plus Stream back. I hope that this helps. … [Read more...]

Getting visitors to google plus one your page before showing your locked or hidden page content

Hi Guys, Well you know what, sometimes making use of whats available for creative use makes sense. Google +1 buttons were introduced ages ago and they are serving well for their purpose. We want to be careful as well on how we use them. Following up on my previous blog post which talked about how to use Facebook like to unlock content, this post will talk about how to use a Google +1 button to unlock content. First up is to know if its ok with the Web God called Google. So I believe it is. Anyway you can check out the Buttons Policy here You should be specifically look at the last paragraph which says Publishers may not direct users to click a Google+ button for purposes of misleading users. Publishers may not promote prizes, monies, or monetary equivalents in exchange for Google+ button clicks. For the avoidance of doubt, Publishers may direct users to a Google+ button to enable content and functionality. When a Publisher directs users to a Google+ Button, the button action must be related to the Publisher or the Publisher’s content. For the +1 button, the content or functionality that is enabled for the user must also be accessible to any of the user’s social connections who also enable it. Anyway let get the ball rolling and lets see what can be done with our Google Plus button. You can create your plus one buttons from the URL below The HTML that is given to us by Google looks like this The Markup [crayon-66914787843c0090796232/] If you check the API then you would see what data-annotation  data-width data-callback data-href means, most important bit above is the data-href and data-callback properties data-href is the URL that you are asking your users to like data-callback is the JavaScript callback function. We have defined our callback googlePlusCallBack  above which we will implement soon. Lets add our hidden content … [Read more...]

Getting visitors to Facebook like your page before showing your page content

Hi Guys, Well now that I am doing a bit of RnD on Facebook JavaScript API I found out few interesting things. Mind you that this is the first time I am playing with Facebook API so please if my solution is not good enough then don't forget to leave comments and share yours, so that others can benefit from it. Lets get back to the point without wasting much time. I noticed few sites, can't remember which ones though. I think one of them was something to do with coupons, you have to like their page to see a coupon. The code below will help you with that. First up is to get our markup set up The Markup [crayon-66914787844c5429745102/] So the above DIV container is something that Facebook JavaScript library will use to auto generate IFRAME and stuff. That's their thing so I won't get into that in depth. Next up will be converting our above container to a Facebook like button, here is how its done The JavaScript Here is the initializer container that you should have a close look at This code should be placed directly after the opening  tag. [crayon-66914787844c7106010545/] What we are doing above is to embedding FaceBook JS library from URL // into our webpage header. and we are initializing a newly created property called fbAsyncInit that FaceBook API will be interested in. If you want to have a close view then open the above mentioned URL in your web browsers. A javascript file will be in front of you and then search "fbAsyncInit" on your page to see how it handles it. Anyway the most inportant part as per my testing goes is FB.init and setting xfbml:true If we are using the XFBML version of the button, we can subscribe to the 'edge.create' event through FB.Event.subscribe. Lets make that change to our above JavaScript Code [crayon-66914787844c8459079708/] In web world there is a saying that if you can't demo it then it never happened. So here is The … [Read more...]