Free Clock Animation GIFs

Hi Guys, While I was working on a project I need a couple of GIFs for Clock animations. I came up with these. You can use it in your commercial or free websites etc. Attribution or link to this page would be appreciated though :) Here are a couple for you Option one: 15 minute internal clock animation Second option: 1 hour interval clock animation   Third option: 1 hour interval clock animation (White background, minimalist)   I hope you like these. Cheers, … [Read more...]

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Tumblr logo vector graphics official resouces

Hi Guys, We all use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ on our website pages nowadays so that our visitors can connect with use easily. This is not a post as such but I thought to put link to all official logo artwork So here they are and I hope that to find them on single page is something that I would appreciate. I am not sure that you will find this page on Google or not but if you do then I am hopeful that it will be a helping hand So here we go FaceBook Facebook icons can be found from the link below   Twitter Twitter official vectors can be found from the link below   LinkedIn   LinkedIn official logo resource is located here   Google Other Google Icons   Tumblr   Tumblr logo artwork can be found here in EPS format Using official logo artwork is something that is suggested and should be strictly followed as the terms and conditions states. If you would like to add another resource to this page please leave your comments. Only official resources are accepted. I hope that this helps Cheers … [Read more...]

Photoshop CS5 Keyboard different color key

Hello, To start with I am not a Photoshop Pro as my primary job is of a Programmer but I am an enthusiast that like to play with Photoshop as a hobby. I like editing my son's and my wife's pictures. But sometimes to understand Photoshop better I will do something that could be useful to understand. The technique in this post is to transform a keyboard key to a different color. I thus have created a Video to highlight what I did. I am not claiming that this is the best technique or the only technique but for me it worked. So if you are a photoshop expert then please let me know how I can improve on my technique. Ok so an example keyboard image before I edited it looks like this and after edit it will look like this You can follow step by step instructions from the video that I created. I think its better to explain it that way rather than to write a long post where sometimes I end up missing a step or two. Video Tutorial httpvh:// Please let me know how did I do with the Vid? I know I kinda mess up sometimes because of the nervousness while recording. I am working on wordpress plugin which I will be releasing either tomorow to the day after. I hope that you enjoyed this information share, thats what I call it rather than tutorial because for me I label my post as tutorial when I think I know 100% about the topic. Photoshop is not my forte so I won't claim expertise. But this Keyboard key highlighting effect with different color was awesome thing to learn and do it all by myself. I will see you tomorow with another post Cheers Advertisement   … [Read more...]

Dreamweaver Convert Text to Table CS5

G'day Well we all come across this sort of situation where data is in RAW form and we want that to be converted to a good HTML table. Even though nowadays TABLES are not used widely because of many reasons but still there are occasions where It becomes sort of mandatory to use HTML Tables. Now what I am going to show you is a technique where you can convert you TEXT file into a HTML Table using Dreamweaver. Ok So assume that you have this text below As you can see that each column is nicely separated by TAB. You can however have any delimiter like comma, colon, semicolon etc. as long the delimiter does not appear in the data itself. So now fire up your Dreamweaver as Goto File> Import> Tabular data   You will see a pop up window as shown below Now make sure that you choose the right delimiter in the above window. Browse to your text file and set any preference you would like for the resultant table and press OK.     This is what you get   I hope this helps If you have any question or if you like this post don't forget to leave your comments :) Cheers,       … [Read more...]

Autodesk Maya 2012 Export to Photoshop CS5

Hi Guys, To start with I am not an Artist but I seldom do things that interests me. Photoshop and Maya are couple of software that I as a hobby use sometimes to design my buttons, characters, backgrounds etc but just for fun. I thought I should put some light on how this question about how to export a scene as an Image to Photoshop. Ok so let me show you that.   The quickest and best method that I've used is to export your Maya's selected object or full scene as .OBJ file Now by default I think you cannot export as .OBJ but this is how you enable it First Goto Window> Settings/preferences> Plug-in Manager as shown below   When your plugin window appears make sure objExport module is selected as shown below   Now when you try to export a selection or export your scene you will see this option Save your export as test.obj somewhere where you can access the saved file. Now Fire your Photoshop Click Open and navigate to the saved file. You can filter you files by .obj extension as shown below Ta! Da! There is your Maya export in your Photoshop. Do whatever you like with it now :) I hope this helped Cheers. … [Read more...]

Illustrator CS5 Cheat Sheet PDF

Hi Guys I was contacted by Anthony of Wells and Drew to let me know that they've put together a Illustrator CS5 Cheat sheet or in other words a short cut list for windows and MAC OS. So I am sharing the same list with you. You can also download the PDF file if you wish for this Cheat Sheet.   You can also download the PDF by Right Mouse Click > Save Target As I would like to thanks Wells and Drew for putting this cheat sheet together. Source: … [Read more...]

How to crop in illustrator?

Well the straightforward answer to this is that you cannot really "crop" a photo in Illustrator because there is no "crop tool". Illustrator serves a different purpose as a designing package. However you can use what is called "Clipping Mask" within Illustrator to achieve similar result. Lets see how it is done First open a photo in Illustrator as shown below                   As you can see that the photo bounds overflows the art board. I would like only my face to be included in the photo and would like to remove the rest. What I did next is I moved my picture a little bit down and then drew a rectangle of the size of my art board as shown below                             Now select both object i.e. rectangle as well as the photo. Now goto Object > Clipping Mask -> Make as shown below End result will look something like this                             I hope this helps. On a Side note I would recommend using photoshop or even MS Paint to crop your Image. The problem with Masking is that the photo Dimensions remains the same after doing the above. Because what essentially masking does is it fills up the masked bounds with white transparent space. PN: My level of using Photoshop and Illustrator is beginner to intermediate. Cheers     … [Read more...]