Australian Street Names, Suburb, State Database with Longitude and Latitude GEO Data

Latest release: v2.1 on 26th Jan 2015 Hi Guys, For one of my projects I needed this data to offer and auto suggestion box for my Users so that they can select their Street Name, Suburb and State in one Hit while they type. So I researched around and did not find any thing that suits me. The address correction software provided by Australian post was way too expensive for me. So then I found many Open source from where I can get pieces of data. Finally I was able to join that data to make it meaningful. Now this database stands at over 231,000+ unique records and has been validated manually with well known mapping solutions to see if database rows are valid. I chose to have few different variations for this database, and all variations are explained below. They are all priced accordingly. First lets take a look at the Entity Relationship Diagram (indication only, You can structure it as you like)   There is nothing much to explain in the above ER but I will try to explain a bit. As you can see the we have Country table with all Countries in it but because this database only deals with Australian Street thus I introduced a column called active which have two possible values 'Yes' and 'No', You guessed it right, with this database even though I am providing list of all countries Only Australia is Active So Country has 1-Many relation with States and this Tables lists all Australian states e.g. Victoria, NSW, SA etc. In Other words Australia has many states and this is the relationship I am highlighting. As you see in diagram above that State has 1->Many relationship with Cities in other words Suburbs. Same relationship applies when to try to relate Suburbs with Street Names. i.e. A Suburb can have many states thus 1->Many Relationship. A current version auto suggestion example is available from here  The data in this demo is a few months old and carry many invalid records. I've re-verified the current version which will be … [Read more...]

mysql reset root user password Linux

[sam_ad id="45" codes="true"]Hi Guys, Well there are a couple of ways you can do this but I am going to highlight what I use. This sort of stuff is rarely used so this post will end up being my reference as well. Alright lets reset your mySQL Root user password. Steps Login to your *IX server as super administrator, normally called "root" Now stop your mySQL server. I am using RedHat Linux so command will be [crayon-666a76f464d7b884714778/] Now start your server in safe mode with --skip-grant-tables option as shown below [crayon-666a76f464d80248604607/] We are connecting to the mysql database here where your mysql users and their credential lives. Now that you are in Run these commands [crayon-666a76f464d81108003053/] Now exit from your mysql shell [crayon-666a76f464d82550024956/] Now stop your mysql server again (step 2). Start your mysql server [crayon-666a76f464d83918091487/] Your password is reset now. Test it by logging into your mysql  server using mysql client as below [crayon-666a76f464d84254579917/] You should be able to login with your new password.     I hope this helps. Cheers … [Read more...]

osm2pgsql Processing: Node(nK) Way(0k) Relation(0)Error allocating nodes Error occurred, cleaning up

G'day, I was trying to import OSM data to my PostgreSQL database and I got this error [crayon-666a76f46516d091542070/] This error usually occur when system runs out of RAM, there can be other reasons too but in my case this was the reason. The command that I ran is given below [crayon-666a76f465170903921302/] You can add you experiences by leaving your comments so that others could be helped When I got this error then I decided well lets see what osm2pgsql.exe have in store so I ran this command [crayon-666a76f465171643758957/] below is the output for the command [crayon-666a76f465172368301032/] [crayon-666a76f465173216759352/] Out of all the options, the particular one for my interest what -s which is called the slim mode (I was lucky that I didn't have to install another 4GB of RAM on my system). You can read through what it does above. So I reran my command as below [crayon-666a76f465174464500834/] Now the process of importing data to your database will be really slow but that's Ok I guess if it ends up saving you $s but if time is important then spend some money on RAM and you should be Ok to process OSM files faster. I hope this helps Cheers … [Read more...]