Blogging Tips: Think out of the Box

Hi Guys,

This is my second post for the series I started last week called “Blogging Tips Series“.

In my First post I covered where to start. If you haven’t read that post feel free to hit this link

In this post I am going to talk about creativity.

Its your creativity that can make you stand out from others. I am still learning art of “being Creative” because its important. If I compare myself to what I am now to what I was couple of years ago. I can see much improvement in the way I think and the way I write.

Ok so lets talk about it. You are not required to believe me. I am a strong believer of what my brain tells me. My brain processes lot of information during the day and at the end of the day its time to consolidate that information.

I have to confess that I generally try to do atleast 1 post every day. Being a full time employee I only have 4-5 hours later in night to all my posts, because I am a Programmer by profession thus you will find lot of my posts to be Problem-Solution approach, which is not bad at all. I am pretty glad that I am getting generous Traffic.

Saturday and Sundays are the best days for me to concentrate on my Ideas, writing and my other websites.

Bottom line is that I am always thinking of  how can I improve myself? I think that’s the question you should be asking yourself all the time. Let me outline what I do myself.

Making optimal use of your brain

By this I mean that you are what your brain is. I believe that your brain is the best asset you’ve been awarded of your good deeds by God. So make use of it. Keep thinking and never give up. You have to believe that just one Good website will change everything for you. Before making any decision on a Topic (it can be anything) never ever give up on thinking and you will see that the result you will get will bring you accolades. Above all I believe thinking or Imagining is fun. Never Hurry deciding what’s right or what’s wrong. Give your brain a little time to analyse all this data you’ve supplied.

Think out of the Box

Its quite daunting when you start afresh. I tell you a story my friend told me which can be true or not true but bottom line is that when you think out of the box you are a clear winner. Ok so this is that 2 liner story.

A Job seeker went to an Interview and was very nervous. But he managed himself and went into the room where he met Managers and HR guys for his interview. The HR guy asked him if he would like a Coffee. Job Seeker said “Yes”, so the coffee arrived and questions started to flow. Coffee was sitting in front of him. HR guy asked him so what’s in front of you. His reply was ‘T’. And he got the job. (ABC….RSTU…XYZ).

Moral of the story is that Job seeker thought outside the box and People in that room were really impressed. The same applies to writing too. Your visitors lands on your website because they didn’t think out of that Box and you have to open that for him. You will be loved. It doesn’t really matter how you produce your writing. No one can do or know everything in this world. So use Google and co. to make you stand out. Creativity will flow automatically when you change the way you think of a problem.


Managing Time

You don’t want to spend forever on one single thing so setting deadline is another thing that you can do. Say for example when I started to write this post my target is to finish it in 1 hour including re-read and edits. Now I have some notes beside me that are telling me what my next heading will be. So you have to manage your time well to be a successful Blogger. Its your work, do not panic. If you plan your day well you will get good night sleep. I would recommend you to do some reading on time management. If your legs are shaky while you are writing you will not deliver good.

You cannot know everything in this world

What NASA does is none of my business but I read what new things they are doing but knowing how they do it, is stupid. That’s not my area of expertise. So this is how I go about writing a post. If I think that I should write on a given topic then my first action will be to do some research. So I have my own Ideas and I Borrow someone elses Ideas to increase my creativity. No one is Born Genius I would say so taking help from others with your profession and writing is a good thing to do. You can write many things about the area of expertise you are in. But for you writing to stand out it is sometimes essential to borrow Ideas from others.


Subscribe to good piece of information providers for the area you are interested in. That will give you loads of Ideas and your brain will respond and be a better thinker. Remember! that your brain is just a muscle and the more you train it more rewards you are going to get. Unused brains sells really cheap 🙂

So staying updated with magazine subscriptions or blog subscriptions is really good Idea. I do it all the time but only what I am interested in. Join Mail lists. Say if you are a Linux fan then if you are not on Red Hat or Ubuntu or CentOS etc. mailing lists you are missing lot of useful information out there.


It is a good thing that you give enough rest to yourself and your Brain. Sitting in from of computer and refreshing a page to see if you made more revenue from you blog is not going to lead to anywhere. So if you are not doing anything its a good Idea that you rest you eyes and brain. Fire up that BBQ and become socially active. Call your friends etc. or spend time with your family. Really Really Important.

Creativity will flow once your brain start to think awkwardly (+ve).

If you Rest, your productivity will increase and you will never loose interest in what you do. The only thing that you will do is to think how you can improve yourself.


I hope that I made some sense up there. I am not Dr Phil but above is what I do.

Adios for now. Its time for me to take some rest 🙂


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