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This is my fifth post in my Blogging Tips series that I started few days back. If you haven’t already you can read my previous 2 posts from here

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Today I am going to talk about the importance of social media in the age we are living in and how important it is for your websites.

Social Media

We all know likes of Facebook and twitter. I’ve just started to use my personal account on Facebook and Twitter to highlight some important stuff that I do for my websites and the response is incredible. With Twitter I don’t have many followers but I think it will get better where in other social sites like facebook, I am getting pretty good response from my friends etc.

Put it this way. You release a post and talk about it on your Facebook page. If you have 2000 accounts who are your subscribers and you get 500 to check your link out you get instant traffic increase.

Now it does not end here. As you saw on my blog that I have social buttons installed so that if a visitor likes the content they are more likely to give it a Facebook thumbs up or a Google +1 or Digg it.

When someone likes a link on your website it get certain audience from the person’s friend list who liked it. So your article visibility is instantly amplified.

 In the end its all about publishing valuable content and getting people to visit your site. If you are doing good work and no one sees what you are doing I guess that’s not a good Idea.

Let’s highlight some key points what I do for in Social amplification of my article or post.

Posting your Links

Select a group that is relevant to your niche and post your article link there. You are nearly guaranteed to get audience from that group. If you keep posting something valuable every time, you will get a loyal audience. You should try to interact with the group, just posting links will isolate you. Always leave a message with your posted link, this helps people understand what they will expect when they click on your Link.

Selecting a Group

Choose a group with atleast many 100s of members. Any group less than a 1000 is not going to give you results that you expect.

Reponse FB

If you think that posting a link on certain group did not give you the required result then keep an eye on future link drops because there is no use to be part of in-active group.

Focus on Content not Marketing

Whatever you post on social media can either be treated as SPAM or a good quality content. Beware! as you hate people posting spammy links your’s as an exception should rock to get hold of that audience.

Deep Links

I hate when people post link to their home page and are talking about something deep on their site. How do you feel If I post a link to and am talking about this post in my Comment on A social media site like FB. WRONG. If I am talking about this article then my LNK should point to URL of this post.

Tag Your Friends on FB 

 If you wrote a cool blog article that includes a reference to one of your friends on Facebook, it is a must that you tag them. When you do it this way, your friends friend will be alerted of your content too, thus the message will be widely spread.

Tweet with #

This is good one. Say you put a tweet up e.g. “ABC is awesome. Check out my review on ABC” I mean its still a tweet but I would suggest this “#ABC is awesome. Check out my review on #ABC”. This sort of alert company ABC when their marketing team find this tag. They are more likely to retweet your tweet and thus giving your article more exposure.

Use other services

Create accounts with Digg, Tumblr, stumble, Pinterest, Linked In etc. They all are there as a solution for you to use FREE of cost. They are all your friend and gives you a platform to expose your article to bigger audiences.


Bottom line is that you should be using social media  to expose your article or post to mass audiences.

I hope that you find this info useful.

I just shared my knowledge with you guys, you are more than welcome to add your opinions using comments







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