Automatic WordPress post tagging


While I was going through some plugins on wordpress site I found a cool one that would help you out with automatically tagging your post based on

  1. Title
  2. Content
  3. Excerpt

The plugin is called Automatic Post Tagger

This is enormous saving of time and effort when you are manually tagging your posts.

Let me show you how this all works


Ok so the thing that you want to do with this plugin is to create a list of tags with related words for each of the created tag. Here is a screenshot showing creating a tag screen

(Click on the image to view larger image)

automatic post tagger a wordpress tagging plugin



Once you set your tags then this plugin will automatically add tags to posts according to the keywords that are found in either of title, content, excerpt.

Let me give you an example. you are able add a tag called information and technology to any post if the keywords like PHP, flash, WordPress etc are found in the post.

The good thing is that you can set a set number of maximum tags that you want to go with a post.

As you can see that you can import and export the tag list without any fuss.

There are other useful settings for you to play with.

Here is a link to the plugin

I would suggest that you should leave the default settings as is because they are pretty much ok.

Remember that you can add a tag from

  1. Automatic post tagger settings page OR
  2. From post page too

I hope that you will find this plugin useful.

Let others know what you think about it by leaving your comments. If I got a fact wrong in this post please let me know about that.

You will find out that automatic tagging can be fun. You just need to configure and know your tags accurately. You are able to remove any tag anytime.

I hope this helps



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