Autodesk Maya 2012 Export to Photoshop CS5

Hi Guys,

To start with I am not an Artist but I seldom do things that interests me. Photoshop and Maya are couple of software that I as a hobby use sometimes to design my buttons, characters, backgrounds etc but just for fun.

I thought I should put some light on how this question about how to export a scene as an Image to Photoshop.

Ok so let me show you that.


The quickest and best method that I’ve used is to export your Maya’s selected object or full scene as .OBJ file

Now by default I think you cannot export as .OBJ but this is how you enable it

First Goto Window> Settings/preferences> Plug-in Manager as shown below


When your plugin window appears make sure objExport module is selected as shown below


Now when you try to export a selection or export your scene you will see this option

Save your export as test.obj somewhere where you can access the saved file. Now Fire your Photoshop

Click Open and navigate to the saved file. You can filter you files by .obj extension as shown below

Ta! Da! There is your Maya export in your Photoshop. Do whatever you like with it now 🙂

I hope this helped



  1. director says

    is it must be done in photoshop extended version?
    Coz I cant do it in photoshop CS3 nor CS6.

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