Australian suburb boundaries database released


Its been a great pleasure for me to release Australian suburb boundaries database, A suburb boundary is represented in a polygon of longitude and latitude points.

More details can he found on product page which is located here

Product will have two files

  1. mySQL inserts
  2. CSV file for a quick import

Database schema is shown below

Australian suburb boundaries schema

Columns: city and org_name pretty much has same values, use city column value for corrected spelling mistakes.


Data is represented in polygons. In above picture, boundaries column will have polygon data for a suburb, if there are mulitple boundaries for a suburb then boundaries column will have mulitple polygons data delimited by a semicolon (;)

As you see that there is no country field because this is not a multi country suburb boundary database and only applies to Australia.

Currently there are over 7899+ records in this database covering major suburbs in all different states. However more will be added and will be released as upgrades priced around $99 for each upgrade and each upgrade will have at least 100 records.

Download size is around 100MB. 

Very important

Download demo data below

[wpdm_file id=45]


If you don’t like the demo data, Do Not Buy this product, because NO REFUNDS are given in case of accidental purchase syndrome or I didn’t like it syndrome


If you find any issue please let me know by contacting me I will sure fix it up in next version.


This product is not versioned, what you download is the latest version at the time of download. however Upgrades are sold separately and will be included on this page as a reference when they are available. Its a good idea if you end up purchasing this product, bookmark this page to check if there are any upgrades available

Release date

First release of this database is: 16th July 2014


None just yet.

Current status. Upgrade due around 4 weeks time.


Please let me know if you want a KML template file. This is not included within the download file.



I hope you enjoy this product and your feedback as always is very important