5 best jQuery radio button and checkbox styling plugins

Sometimes its good to utilize great work done by different authors working in different fields rather than reinventing the wheel again and again.

There are awesome Git projects that people are working collaboratively to produce something really good and then there are independent authors too. In this post I will highlight some exceptional jQuery plugins that will transform your old styled checkboxes and radio buttons to something that looks cool, at least if you see from my eyes 🙂

Anyway lets get started


I am a huge fan of this plugin and flexibility it offers. It also comes with a few themes that you are able to choose from.

You can get iCheck from https://github.com/fronteed/iCheck

Demo can be viewed from http://damirfoy.com/iCheck/


At the time of writing there are 8 contributors to this project.


very flexible, and CSS so simple that you can style yourself to suit your website theme. And it actually works with pretty much all form elements and is available under MIT license

You can get uniform from https://github.com/pixelmatrix/uniform


and demo is included within the zip file that you will download. At the time of writing there 23 contributors to this project.


As the name states, it will transform your radio buttons and checkboxes to look, let me say very pretty. I like this plugin, good thing is that it is compatible with IE7+ yay!

You can checkout demo for this plugin here 

Project is hosted at https://github.com/arthurgouveia/prettyCheckable



jQuery Radiobutton

This is also a good option if you like something that is simple but stable. CSS styling is just way too simple. Also if you are looking to transform your radio buttons to  iPhone styled switches

Project is hosted on https://github.com/tomekwojcik/jQuery-Custom-Radiobuttons

And demo can be reached here

transform radios to iphone switches



This was the first one I have ever tried for prettifying my radios and checkboxes. Easy to use and is very simple to implement.

Project is hosted at http://www.itsalif.info/content/demo-ezmark-jquery-plugin/

and demo is hosted here



These are the 5 jQuery plugins that I would utilize in my projects. My order of preference will be from top to bottom. Thisi is because of the flexibility and options that comes with some plugins which are not there or you have to code yourself in others. I like out of box solutions and would use iCheck or say uniform in most of my projects as they are well supported within community I guess.

I hope this helps

If I missed on anything new that I haven’t tried please let me know in your comments.


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