5 Best jQuery CSS3 Navigational Mega Menus

I had a choice earlier either to create a mega menu myself or find a useful one from online community. So I looked and looked and found few that are really good. With some CSS updates you can change the look and feel of these navigational menus without a hitch. I really like the ones I’ve mentioned below. I hope you’ll like them too.

So lets see what my favourite list

#1 CSS3 Mega Drop Down Menu

I like this one because it is pure CSS3 and even works on IE6. This is the one that I am currently using in one of my projects. It’s real breeze when speed is what you are looking for.



 #2  jQuery Mega Menu 2

This one is really nice but you can make it even nicer if you know some CSS. CSS is really simple and the effects when you hover on menu are customizable. Speed wise it rocks too. I am really impressed with this one. Other thing that rocks with this menu is its automatic alignment that aligns to its parent menu container width.



#3 jQuery Mega Menu with overlay effect

Well if you are looking for a sleek mega menu with overlay effect, you must read this tutorial. Effects are smooth while you hover. I will prefer this one on any of my other project where the requirement is for navigational mega menu with an overlay effect.


#4 Vertical jQyery Mega Navigational Menu

This is really a cool vertical jQyery menu. The colors for this menu are really good. Do check it out

#5 Large Drop Down Menu

This is really cool, sleek and very appealing. Just to get a feel you must check it out. Really fast, clean HTML and CSS code which is really easy to modify

I am quite sure that you will end up using any one of the above.

If you would like to share what you are using please leave your comments



  1. Where do you get the large drop down plugin

  2. These are very nifty. I am beginning to get more familiar with these menus but do not know how to make something like your #1 menu above into a “drop up” or “slide up” menu.
    Also, I would be anchoring each of the “slide up” menus from an image.

    Thoughts? Thanks!

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