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Hi Guys,

I created this plugin to make my life easier for myself. I am pretty sure that this will help you too. Let me go through some key features that you are going to get in Lite version of this plugin.

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Version 6.6 (Feb-March 2015) is out now.


  • Added click tracking
  • You are now able to create members only coupon with smarty style, User has to be logged in to get access to coupon.
  • Click tracking report can be export to CSV
  • You are now able to hide coupon and show them on click without taking user to another page.
  • Updated language options
  • 5 reported bugs fixed

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Ok So let’s check what features this plugin has Got?

  • Add Coupons to your Posts and Pages
  • Destination URLs are masked
  • Many styles and many combinations to create a right coupon for yourself.
  • It can carry Title, Description, Savings message and Expiry date
  • Live preview while you create your coupon
  • You can add coupons that never expires with custom Expiry text option.
  • The only way someone can get a coupon is with a Click. However you can choose to show your coupon and Click is not necessary then.
  • Coupon gets copied to clipboard when your visitor clicks on wrapper layer and are then taken to the affiliate website.
  • When coupon expires it will just disappear from your Posts or Pages
  • Very handy Coupon management
  • Custom date format
  • Ability to reduce bounce rate
  • User can Vote whether Plugin worked for them or not so that you can take an appropriate action.
  • Many other features are available in PRO version. At the end of this Article I will explain what you can do with PRO version

Now that I’ve listed the key features of Lite version. Its time to check out some screenshots

Plugin Management

As you can see there are many key features shown above.

With management you can Delete, Modify and Reset User votes.

Duplication of a Coupon is available in Pro Version

Now lets check how does Add a Coupon looks


Ok in the above screen there are heaps of options. Notifications works with Pro version only. Other than that you can use everything. The screen gives you lot of flexibility to create a C code that suits you.

Once you create a Coupon a shortcode will be generated which you can copy and paste in your Posts or Pages and it just works flawlessly.

Below is a screen shot that shows a coupon consumption

Wordpress JC Coupon Usage Example


Above screenshot looks a bit dated but you get the Idea.

Now is the Time to chuck in a video showing how to do things before you decide if the you want to download this plugin or not :). Video shows Pro version in action. You will get the Idea what difference there are in Pro vs Lite versions




  • Download the plugin from the Link provided at the end of this page.
  • Once you have extracted ZIP file, simply upload it to your plugins folder on your server into : /path/to/wordpress/install/wp-content/plugins/
  • Your folder structure should look like this after upload: /path/to/wordpress/directory/wp-content/plugins/jcorgcouponslite/
  • Once you have uploaded the folder Go To Installed Plugins area in your WordPress Dashboard and activate the plugin.
  • You will then see a new Admin menu on the left navigational menu called ” JC Coupon Lite” in your WordPress Dashboard


There are no known compatibility problems as of the day of writing. This plugin should work seamlessly with any other existing Plugins you are using. Please let me know if you find a compatibility issue. This plugin is developed on WordPress 3.3.2 but is expected to work on version 2.7+. Supported browsers include IE8, IE9, FF, Chrome, Safari, Opera. This plugin has not been tested on IE6 or 7.

Upgrading to Pro version

You must deactivate Lite version before activating the Pro version. Otherwise worpress will throw a warning that you can not redeclare a specific class when you try to activate Pro version


If you like this plugin and would like to request a feature then is the time to use the comments section or directly contact me. I’ve enabled comments for this post now so feel free to add your when and if possible.

Things you should know

When you activate/deactivate this Plugin, http://jaspreetchahal.org will be contacted to report activation. Plugin version, notification email and your website name will be sent. This is just to contact you when a new version is available for download. So make sure that even though you are using a Lite version and notifications won’t work still providing an email is handy thing. This applies to pro as well.

How can you help?

To guarantee future development and support for this plugin consider buying a Pro version which will help me with motivation that I need to keep going. I will atleast pay my hosting and internet bills. Or if you are happy using the lite version then consider donation using paypal. Hit the button below

Support jaspreetchahal.org

If you think that any article or FREE software on this website has helped you, Please consider donating.
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Also please If you like this plugin don’t forget to +1 this page right from the page header.


Download permanently moved to wordpress.org



Feature Comparison


 Feature  JC Coupon Lite  JC Cupon Pro
Themes  4  7+
Styles  1  6+
Ability to Print Coupon  No  Yes
Import Coupons  No  Yes
Widget  No  Yes
Add Post Meta box  No  Yes
Add Page Meta Box  No  Yes
Custom date formats  No  Yes
Categories Management  No  Yes
Extended search  No  Yes
Category short codes  No  Yes
 Support  No  Via Contact Me
24 – 72 Hours response
 Duplicate Coupons  No  Yes
 IE8 Support  Yes  Yes
 Coupon Expiry Notifications  No  Yes
 Donation Links  Yes  No
 Updates alert  Yes  Yes
 Wordpress Compatibility  3.3.0+  3.3.0+
 License options  Unlimited Sites  Single Server/Mulitple Server
License available

I hope that you like this plugin and leave a constructive feedback for me.



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  1. Hi, thank you for sharing your work. I have a little issue, when clicked the code doesn’t seem to be copied in the user’s clipboard. Any idea ?

  2. Hey JC,

    Really like the coupon-lite plugin but when I go to pages and posts, the JC Coupon widget does not appear. I am using a siterubrix website that runs on wordpress 3.9.1. When I purchase my domain, will this resolve the problem? Thanks

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