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So i heard that you forgot the password of one of the most important files on you PC. What to do.

Well I did that once but fortunately there is a solution.


Now I am not promoting illegal activities here but this information is just for those who needed it and are in deep mess just because they can’t print, read, convert their document because of the security they’ve set in the past and for which they have no memory of.

the password recovery can take from seconds to minutes to hours to days (i would assume)  depending on how tough the password was set.

According to elcomsoft

If the password does not fall into any dictionary, Advanced PDF Password Recovery attempts all possible combinations of passwords by performing the brute force attack. The highly optimized low-level code provides the best-in-class performance for the brute-force password recovery. Multi-threaded optimization ensures optimum performance on the modern multi-core CPUs.

this means that this software will try everything for you to recover the password for you. I personally believe that you should go with the professional edition as the brute force is supported in that edition


hope this helps

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