Remote Desktop Small Resolution when Connecting to SBS, RWW Internet Explorer

Hi Guys,

My friend had a problem where she was trying to connect to her work machine and was getting much smaller resolution for my destination computer. I for one spent so long trying to find a fix for this problem.

Now there are couple of things that you may need to do depending on how you are connecting to your Remote Machine.

I use Remote Web Workplace to connect to my computer at office.

If you are unaware even knowingly what RWW is then you should read this


Now lets jump on to what my friends problem was when she tried to connect using Internet Explorer

Her IE Zoom level was set to 150%

Is that a Problem. I should say yes.

If you understand how zoom level works then yes thats a problem but anyways setting it back to 100% fixed the resolution story.

Now that I have touched this topic let me show you how you can change the IE Zoom level

On the top right corner check where that Gear Wheel is as shown below

Internet explorer Zoom level

Now GoTo Zoom level Menu and change it to say 100% as shown below or try different setting that feels right to your eye

Set Zoom level for RWW



Now that I am on this topic why not also show you that remoting in traditionally using “RDP” also has setting for resolution as shown below

This is Off topic but I thought I should chuck it in just so that you are aware that it exisits

So GoTo Programs> Accessories > Remote Desktop Connection and click Options

The small window will become a bit bigger and click on Display tab. Under Display Configuration  move the slider towards Largest value as shown below



Now GoTo General tab and click Save

This is so that you don’t have to make that change everytime 🙂

I hope this helps if you were in similar boat as my friend was.




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