No Follow vs Do Follow Links

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I am using WordPress and in WordPress all external bound links are by default “No Follow” mainly in the comments section.

No Follow means that if Google or any other search engine comes to crawl your site then it should crawl your site only rather than follow the outgoing link. In other words we are telling Search Engines that Please do not follow the links.

Why do you need No Follow?

As far as my understanding goes it lowers your our website Authority. In other words we are telling Search Engine that if you are hungry then please go next door as I don’t have enough food for you.

Another know fact is that having No Follow does not really hurt as much but it bring less interest from user to post comments etc. on you site. Mainly No follow is for bots only.


Now the big question: how to make a link No Follow and Do Follow?

Ok so lets see

You normal link look like this

Visit for latest Coupons and Discount vouchers

By default it is Do Follow link

To tell the search engine bots or so called spiders to NOT crawl a link or in other word NOT to follow a link, you need to add the following attribute to the HTML hyperlink code above:

A link example will be

Visit for hugely discounted Sports Memorabilias

The above link will not be followed by search engines any more



Now I am not into business of link building because I only find some time to write my articles and I work full time too so no time to go search Blog to put my junk up there 🙂

But a Tip from me: When you are trying to host a link on another site, watch out if they use No Follow with their external link. From my understanding if its No Follow then weight of that link is relatively reduced but its just a link and humans will click it if they like it.

This post is really useful to read

I hope that this article will help you understand the login behind No Follow and Do Follow links




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