How to setup Google Drive

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I hope that you got your GDrive Welcome email from Google. Great! Now lets look how you can setup Google Drive on you PC.

First Goto

Ok so you clicked on the above link and then you logged into your Google account.

First thing that you will see is shown below.


Google Drive setup


Click on the “Download Google Drive for PC” button, You will see the window below

Google Drive setup

Click on Accept and Install

Google Drive setup

A setup file will be downloaded as shown above. Click on it and you will get another dialog window depending on your operation system. Below is what I got in Windows 7

Google Drive setup

Click on Run, Installer will now download the GRive Installer from Internet as shown below. This is normal will many setups nowadays.

Google Drive setup

Once the Installer has been downloaded this is what you get

Google Drive Setup

Click Close, Time to sign in to GDrive with your Google Account

Google Drive setup

Ok so enter your Email and Password above and click signin

Successful Sign in will give you this if you have 2 step verification enabled (Read more about this feature from

Googel Drive setup

If you don’t have 2 step verification enabled or you verified correctly in above screen then you will get this screen

Google Drive Setup

Click Next you will get this screen



Google Drive setup


Now you have 2 options. Either to click on Start Sync – this will mean that you sync will start immediately, I chose “Advanced Setup

Here is what I got

Google Drive setup

Pretty much self explanatory but most important thing for me was to choose Folder location. My primary drive has very less space left so I chose my E: drive as you can see.

Click Start Sync, Your sync will start now

Google drive setup


On the bottom right hand corner you will see a little pop up, Left Click on that Icon you will see many options as shown belwo

Google drive optoins



As you can see that it even shows how much space is used/left. Now you can always click on Preferences to load that Advanced window that we covered earlier.

Now you are free to drap drop you files into your Google Drive. My folder after sync looked like this



So yeah It pretty much work like Dropbox but comes with 5GB Free space to start with.

I like the download and upload speed. Drobbox can sometimes be a bottle necked thus If you try to sync bigger files it can take a while. I hope this won’t be a case with Google. My Down/Up link are really good so that does matter too.



I hope that you liked this post.






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