How to deactivate jetpack comments system

Hi Guys,

With new Jetpack release after WordPress 3.4 was released, Jetpack comes with some really good updates.

One of them is their comments handling. If you have enabled their new comment system and didn’t like what you saw you can choose to Deactivate the new comment system all together

Lets deactivate Jetpack comments step by step

First Goto Jetpack modules as shown below

Jetpack disable comments

Now once you are in then click on Learn more button on comments module as shown below

Jetpack learn more



When you click on that button Configure button will change to Deactivate as shown below


Once you deactivate your Jetpack comment system you will receive the following message and the learn more button will become activate

jetpack deactivate message


That’s pretty much it. Your Jetpack comments systems now is gone, but you can always Activate it in case you want it back.

I hope this helps




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  1. comparebrand says:

    when someone submitting comment it shows 404 error. How one can fix it?

  2. Demifantasy says:

    tks bro, it is easy, but it helps 😀

  3. Thanks …!!!! brother you solved my problem

  4. Thank you, Thank you!!! Got to love how they make it easy to enable and virtually impossible to find how to turn it off 😉

  5. Thanks a bunch for this. I was close to finding the button myself, but I middle clicked on “Learn More” and it brought me to, so I didn’t see the deactivate button

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