Google Drive – What and When

Hi Guys,

I was reading a post on thenextweb and suddenly became excited with what Google is doing in this space.

I’ve been using DropBox for many years now and I am quite happy with that. But when the name Google comes up I became overly excited because this is the company I love the most out of all big ones.

Here is a screenshot that was leaked


Now the concept of Google Drive seems to be pretty much alike Dropbox. You drop your files into Google Drive and you will be able to access it from anywhere or everywhere including Smart Phones, Tablets, Macs and or PCs.

Just like Dropbox when you make change to the file it will be automatically synced and you will be able to open or download the updated file from other devices that you will have connected to your account.

It will come up with 5GB more space.

With dropbox you can get upto 16 GB free space depending on number of referrals you generate but to start with they offer 2 GB of FREE space.

Google Driva has been launched on 25th April.

Here is the URL

Now tricky point it that its not ready yet for many. May be final tests are going on with some initial population. You can leave you email with Google and they will notify you once it is ready for you to use.

But if you see “Get started now” button when you visit above URL then you will get instant access to your drive.

here is an article that explains it

I will keep you updated once it is available as I am planning to release some posts on how to get on it. I am positive that this wont end up in “invite friends” to join and I just hope that it will be available to everyone from word go.


Leave your comments so that if someone end up reading this post may be able to answer or I may be able to answer you questions too if I end up knowing the answer.

Here is another article of mine which shows you how to setup your GDrive



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