Google Drive How to change destination folder location

Hi Guys,

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For one instance I thought there is no way to change once you setup your Google Drive. But I found a way 🙂 I must stop bragging because it was real common sense.

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So let me show you how to do it.

Please read details for both method and decide yourself which suits you. Method 1 is preferred in most cases as it saves you some bandwidth.

Method 1- preferred in most scenarios

Lets check the first method

  1. Quit your Google drive sync as shown below
    Google Drive
  2. Now relocate your Google Drive to whereever you like.
  3. Now start your Drive program again. You will get an error that Drive cannot locate your folder.
  4. Ok now Click on the top item in the menu as shown below
    Google Drive Error
  5. You will see this window
  6. Click on Locate Folder, and locate your Drive folder to the new location, the location you have moved your drive to.
  7. Thats it.

This method saves some bandwidth for you.

Method 2

Ok so the above method works quite well, here is another way of doing it, but this method will require an empty folder and will download everything again from your GDrive.

First left click on that little Tray Icon on the bottom right hand corner of your screen as shown below

Google Drive Tray Icon


When you click on it you will see this pop up

Google Drive Preferences


Click on Preferences

GDrive Preferences

Now Click on “Disconnect account

Your drive will now be disconnected from Google Servers,

Now click on that little tray icon again. And Click Sign In

You will get something like this

Now Sign In using you account details and Click Next button on Next screen as shown below

Google Drive First step

Next Screen is very important. Click on Advanced button on Next screen as shown below

Google Drive advanced options

When you click on Advanced Setup button you will get this

Advanced Setup

Beside Folder Location Click Change and select new location and then Click Start Sync. Make sure that the folder you pick is empty. I don’t understand the logic behind this but thats how it is now.

Now you GDrive has been relocated on your PC.


I hope this helps




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  1. Method 1 did not work. Method 2 did (Windows 10)

  2. Peter Gabor says:

    What’s wrong with you guys? Method Nr 1 stopped working, but method nr 2 does the work all right! It only SEEMS to be complicated, in fact it is not!

  3. Jaspreet,

    Unfortunately, these suggestions no longer work with the current version of Google Drive (Version 1.16.6866.4367).


  4. Andreia Alcantara says:

    Method 2 worked well for me (in windows 8.1).
    Thanks a lot for the information!

  5. Method 2 works with Windows 8.1 on my PC, Method 2 does not. Thanks for the info.

  6. Method 1 never worked, saw it at other sites and tried in vain, always same “this is not the folder ….”

    Method 2 worked with Windows 7


  7. Nicolai says:

    Step 2 works well on win 8.1 thanks a lot

    Step 2 virker rigtig godt med win 8.1

  8. Thanks for the post. It saved me a lot of time!

  9. Montgomery says:

    El ‘Método 2’ me funciona perfectamente en Windows 8. Muchas gracias.

  10. Step 1 doesn’t work. Got a ‘This is not your original Google Drive folder’ error prompt.

    Proceed with Step 2 and it works.


  11. You didn’t mention the OS. Although this seems to work for everyone both methods fail for me. I am using Windows 7 and clicking the icon only brings up explored set to the folder. Even Google does not provide an obvious answer to this question.

    Now you asking me to +1 post from the Page Header. Maybe I can’t read, or to much is assumed by others.

    • Hi James,
      ONE click should bring up the menu, try right click too. My drive is working on Win 7, 8, SBS and it should work the same way on Other win OSs too. I see no reason why it wouldn’t work as described.

      • I also cannot get to the first screen where it has a choice to “Quit Google Drive”. Right-clicking on “Google Drive” under “Favorites” in Win 7 just brings up the regular dialog box that has “Properties” at the bottom. On the web in there’s no way I can find to get the “Disconnect” etc. dialog. How is that done?

      • This is useless if you do not answer. ONE click where?

  12. I actually figured out both of these methods – and used them both – the second time creating an empty folder and re-syncing all over again. This was not on my C drive – but my D drive. I never had anything on my C drive except the application. Now Google Drive (I assume) has recreated everything on the C drive and has been syncing with that – while I have continued to work on the D Drive. I will give many +1 if you can figure this out.

  13. Thank you. Thank you.

    Method 1 is the amazing one because the last folder does not need to be called “Google Drive”

  14. Washington says:

    Hi, thanks for this post, but I’m a bit confused.
    You say: “Make sure that the folder you pick is empty.”

    Let’s use an example: I have C:\my mp3 with 10 mp3 files.
    I can’t choose this folder because is not empty? Am I obligated to create another one and have 2 copies in my HDD?
    C:\my mp3 (10 mp3 files)
    C:\users\google drive\my mp3 (10 mp3 files). Total in my HDD: 20.

    • Just use Method 1.
      I think this post is causing a bit of confusion so I have labelled both method.
      I hope this helps.

      • Thanks for the article.
        There’s a confusing sentence at start of method 1:
        “Ok so the above method works but I will show you another way of doing it.”
        I guess your method 1 was method 2 in a previous incarnation 🙂

        • lol! yeah thats the side effect of moving your article contents when people thinks one method is better than other without reading the full article and conclusion 🙂
          Conclusion has been taken out now and I of course didn’t proof read after moving the contents.
          Thanks heaps,


          • btw I tried method 1 and it didn’t work for me. I have 100GB of data and I had to move them to an external disk.

            When I click on “Locate folder” and select the Google Drive folder on the external disk it gives an error that “This is not the original Google Drive folder” 🙁

            Any ideas?

  15. Frenchy128 says:

    Should have listed method one first, I’m re downloading everything now.. :/ Helpful doc thou..

  16. Oh ok, so the first method doesn’t work if you want a new partition location. Ok., so this was my only option then. But still, you should swap the methods and explain that, about partition location. F***g I****!

    • Hi Jake,
      Thanks for the abuse and acknowledgement that I am an Idiot, that itself shows how good a soul you are and without reading the whole article you came to a conclusion.
      Well this article was the first and was copied by many others so helping out good souls like you makes me feel good. I could have reciprocated and marked you as a spammer but then whats the difference between you and Idiot like me.
      Stay blessed

  17. The second method you showed is the best method. The first method in comparison is F*** stupid because you have to download the whole drive again. I tried to selected my now-moved Google Drive for it to use, guessing that it woudl synchronise with whats in it again, but it says, “This folder is not empty. Please choose an empty folder”- So you just wasted my F*** time because I have to do it all over again, download my entire ‘fing google drive when I could have used the second method to just move it.

    So, I****, why don’t you swap the order of your methods? D*** you!

  18. It would be more helpful if you listed the second method first, as this is the better method.

  19. Haggstrom says:

    Thanks! I found out that only the first method works if you want to change the destination folder to another partition of the hard drive. It would have been easier without the necessity to download everything again, but at least it worked.

  20. I think the reason the folder had to be empty is so it can dump all the file in it. 🙂 I might know that now.

  21. Option 2 – YES – Change folder w/o syncing – Mac
    I added a solid state drive and after all was moved G Drive did not accept new location with all my data.
    Solution – Quit G Drive
    I have the original folder and the new folder – both with all the same data.
    On Original drive I made new folder and moved all the data from original folder in to it.
    New drive – I moved this G Drive Folder to desktop (anywhere else)
    Move Original G Drive folder (no empty) to new location on New drive.
    Move all the data in on new drive (G Drive folder that was not accepted) into “Accepted” G Drive folder.
    Now start Google Drive App – it will prompt “missing folder” – direct it to new location.
    No Syncing – no transferring files a second time, they were transferred when new drive was set up. Works within one drive also, but G Drive should not be telling you this not the “Original Folder” G Drive must have a meta tag in the Original Folder and know that it is not the exact folder.

  22. many, many thanks

  23. Same issue as diyism -method 2 did not work for me on OSX 10.7.4 when moving the folder from one internal drive to another. – the original folder would sink on the original partitian but when I shutdown GD, moved the folder, restarted GD and had it locate the new folder it gave a “this is not your original Google Drive folder” error. Anyone on OSX have any luck on method 2? I don’t want to resync – especially since there is no bandwidth throttle in GD.



  24. Wow, thanks. That was hidden…

  25. Thank you sir, most insightful. However as I have a lot of files, I find it very painful to Resync all my files to another location.

    Is there a simpler way to change the drive location without disconnecting and RESYNCING one’s entire content?

    • Hi Sanuly,

      I think second method that I’ve listed in the post is something you are talking about.


      • Notice, the second method only works in the same disk partition, when you move “Google Drive” folder cross partitions, the google drive client will alert “this is not your original Google Drive Folder”

  26. Doron Meir says:

    Thanks, I couldn’t figure it out for some reason. Now I can use the thing at last 🙂

  27. hey. i can only choose a folder on my sytem drive (c:) this way and cannot put the folder on an external hdd. any idea how to work around?

    • Well I suppose with external drive you can assign a permanent drive letter such as E: F: etc to it. But even without it I think it should accept your drive.
      I don’t have external HDD to test it so may be you will have to wait for someone else to comment but I am pretty sure that it should take your HDD as long as its accessible.

  28. Malas Cerita says:

    Awesome, malas cant find it without you

  29. Thanks. I can’t believe they made it that difficult to figure out.

  30. Thanks worked awesome

  31. Alfred Heyiwe says:

    Thank You! I was pulling my hair trying to find how to change Google Drive location

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