Clear DNS cache for Google Chrome How to?

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There are times when you make use of local hosts file in windows development to test your websites and while you are testing and changing your hosts file to point your domain to local/production server you notice that sometimes it doesn’t work until either you close Chrome and restart it or you wait for default timeout for chrome to refresh its DNS cache.

Chrome does that to make things faster to load so that it don’t have to fetch DNS data again and again.

Chrome is not a browser written by or for kids, so here is the something that Chrome provides to clear DNS cache manually.

net-internals webpage is a special URL that you can point your Chrome browser to to load network stack’s internal state

So in your Chrome address bar just type



Or just click on the above link (open in new tab)

Once you are on the webpage just click on Clear host cache button as shown below


Once you click on the button you will see that Active entries table where hostname is pointing to an IP is cleared/reset.



By the way if you would like to know all internal chrome commands please use this command in chrome address bar


I hope this helps

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